PIL came round yesterday when oh was at work and i swear i couldve thrown MIL out the f*ing window stupid cow!

First she thought it was funny to make my baby cry and kept doing it til told to stop
Then didnt ask but told me to go and feed him in the other room
Then FIL passed baby to her and he started crying and she wouldnt give him to me despite my repeated asking then went on to actually cover his face so he couldnt see me
I AM LIVID ad have told oh shes not looking after him again, what sort of person thinks its funny to make a baby cry and to not give an upset baby to his mother???????????


  • MIL and FIL do tis, mine done the same, they think we are not capable of looking after our babies! her son is so FUC**** perfect that why i chucked him out last year lol she can now look after him coz thats where he has to stay!
  • Mothers! Complete breed on their own. (only kidding LOL).

    Seems alot of probs for lots of BE moms from their moms at the mo.

    Makes me think.....

    What will we be like when our kids have kids of their own??? We all say that we will be different to our mothers...but will we?

    Hope I dont turn into an annoying, overbearing know it all like the mothers and MILs you hear about on here.

    Tell mom, and 2 MILs off on a regular basis for doing things with my LO I dont agree with.

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  • I have to say I love both my MIL's (oh parents divorced and re-married) I don't have a problem with either.

    Rainbowshoes, I would open the window first before throwing her out as she doesn't sound like she is worth the money or insurance excess to repalce a broken window.

    X X X
  • what a cow!! no wonder your fuming!! Id get OH to have a word. xx
  • My fil thinks it's funny to make babies cry too, thankfully they live in spain but when they came over to meet my lo he was three weeks old and he kept waking him or shaking him to make him cry then saying 'i love it when they cry!', i had to take him into another room i was in tears myself, i'm dreading the summer when we have to go and visit them x
  • smack her round the face then say you did it cos you like to see HER cry!
  • what a bitch i would have thrown here out.

    i was really lucky with my mil she was the best in the world she passed away just over a year ago and i dont think i would have taken it worse if it was my own mum i loved her that much. i used to speak to her on the phone almost every day of the week. i still find my self going to call her.
  • Shes mental! OH doesnt get it though get this - he said hed have a word with his dad because he doesnt want to upset her! can you believe it?
  • Thats so nasty, I'd kill anyone who did that to either of my two. Get your OH to have a word. I agree with ccbmommy, smack her one and see how funny she finds it. image

  • lol I was close!
    Spoke to OH yesterday and he aid hes as pissed off as me and will have a word with his dad but not with his mum because apparantly shed disown us (heard lots of versions of the story but thats apparantly what happened with her other grandchild)
  • Disown you - how bloody childish?! Disown her for being nasty to your baby!

  • I know it totally ridiculous! But its a hard situation for Oh i spose, i mean, shes still his mum, she nearly died a few years ago and shes not allowed to see her other grandchild so OH feels guilty, but weve comprimised and ive told him he can talk to his dad this time but if anything happens in the future that either of us dont like il make him say something whether were gonna be disowned or not. It be her loss anyway
  • Yeah it would be honey. You do what you feel is right. Theres no way I'd let anyone treat either of my two like that, and if they ever did they'd get a good talking to!

    Hope things improve for you.

  • Thanks Garfield me too!
    I wish i knew the full story as to why she isnt allowed to see her other grandchild the way she is with Connor makes me wonder
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