****warning- inlaw rant****

Grrrr :x

why are the in laws such fools!!! if you've seen any of my other in law rants (think there is a few :lol: ) you'll know we do not get on at all!

Well my lo is 4.5 wks old, pil came over yesterday having not seen him for 4 wks (they live 10 min drive away) They only came over cos OH had to ask them to. When they rang to say they was coming over- we asked them if they could make it a bit later as we was in the middle of feeding lo, and we needed to eat too. nope they had to come over there and then (me and oh ended up not eating till 3.30pm- first thing to eat for both of us)

So any way when they arrived i'd just putting him on his play gym- he was wide awake and happy playing. FIL walked in made an arsy comment about having to take his shoes off, then picked lo up without asking and handing him to mil- who decided it would be a good idea to put him to sleep. So anyway pil start asking if we give him a dummy- we said we had for half an hour when he was 4 days old, well they started tutting, and saying how bad they are. me and oh dont like them either- but its our decision if he has one or not - not the bloody grand parents!

next thing i know is fil starts saying to the dog (i have a pekingese- he's my second baby) how he needs covering in paraffin and setting alight :evil: wtf? is the man not right in his head??? My dog then walks over to mil and sniffs her feet and she kicks him (not hard but still!!!) I had to leave the room after that!

So anyway 30 mins later LO is still asleep on mil (that boy will sleep on anything!!!) i had to come back in the room and giveOH evil eyes to get him to move lo- i dont like him sleeping on ppl for that long as i dont want bad habits to start! Thing is i know babys sleep alot but because we had him out in his pram all morning- i wanted to try keep him awake as much as possible in the afternoon- so he'd sleep better at night- well thanks to mil he did not go to sleep till 3.30am!!! as he slept so much in the afternoon.

I'm so annoyed as i like to keep him awake so we can do some tummy time, playing and just generally trying to stimulating him. but nope we had hardly any awake time yesterday to do that!

So sorry for the supper long rant but i just needed to get it off my chest!!!

p.s Pil asked if we'd had him registered yet.... so we told them we had. so all arsily they said what have u called him then, so we said blah blah.... ohh right well he'll have problems spelling his name then wont he- erm no! They just hate it that we've given lo my dads first name as his middle name and double barrelled his surname.


  • aww hun, i get the dummy thing by old people in the street!! i just get arsy with them and say that the only reason we give it to him is because there's research that dummys help to prevent cot death cuz they keep LOs airways open! they soon shut up :lol: x
  • How totally horrible! And rude!

    I hate the way that pil insist that they must hold lo whatever they are doing and that they think they can decide things!!!

    my mil used to take my lo's dummy from her and refuse to give it to her.....I must have said about the cot death thing a thousand times!!
  • Your lo grandparents didn't even know his name........well I can't get over that!!

    The only thing I can can say is....if they haven't been that bothered up untill now then I doubt they will be in the future so you will only have to contend with them on occations.

    X X X
  • Why are some people up their own arses so much??!!
    And as for the comment about the dog......why?
    I would post dog muck thru their letter box as a pressie from him!
    I'm so glad my pil's are good!
  • how bad is that and i tot my mil was bad you poor thing but i like the dummy excuse abigail loves hers i dont no wat id do wit out it
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