Another weaning qu...(sorry!)

My lo is 8mths and doing really well physically, crawling, climbing/holding onto furniture, Im just about getting my head around weaning, which seems to be going ok. Sleeping at night has always been a problem. She can settle herself to sleep orignially but cant during the night, so I am thinking of doing pupd to help her sleep for longer.

I have a couple of questions....I tend to be concentrating on her weaning so much that I do forget to give her mik during the day. She lasts ok without it. Just wondering how often should I be giving her bf milk She has milk with her weetabix, milk mixed with her lunch if its reheated as it makes it less stodgy, Ive just started giving ehr some yogurt for pudding. Then often yogurt with her evening meal. Sometimes I give her cheese sauce with her tea depending on what we are having.

Finger going slowly. She takes organic carrots, sweetcorn rings well. Toast she hasnt the hang of yet.. Thinking of doing some carrots boiled and giving her some banana. also some bread sticks. When should I be giving them to her. Hv said yu can give her finger food for her meal...but then theya rent very nutritious and wont really stop her hunger surely will it? I've often give her a couple f carrot stick in teh afternoon. If this right or should she be having them more often?
Sorry for all the questions. As you can tell she my 1st!

thanks in advance xxx

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  • hey,

    Louise is 6 months and had a lunch of finger foods today! She had cheese sandwiches and cucumber sticks. Then a couple of bread sticks too. She likes bread sticks dipped in dairylea!

    I give Louise toast at breakfast - just cut a little bit off mine and she'll eat a little.

    The thing with finger foods is that she'll play with it and leave quite a bit but I can tell from her poo's that she's eating it too!

    Another great finger food is broccili - I bough some tendersten broccili and it was easy for her to hold - she sucked at it mainly but can definately see it in her nappy....!!! Finger foods can be nutritious and you can give anything that can be cut into a handle or stick shape.

    Not sure about how many bf feeds, Louise is having 5 now with occasional snacks too but I do wonder if/how they'll drop over the next 6 months!
  • hi, my lo is 7 and half months, he doing so well in crawling,walking along funiture etc, and like ur lo he can settle him slf off at night but NOT in the night which is still about 4 or 5 times at the moment coz hes teething!!!

    im sure ur lo will beable to eat breadstick jayden does, he also he toast,carrot crisp which are his faveorite!! he has banana and pieces of caulifloure florets etc he has lots more but he does love his finger foods i give them in between his dinner and tea and give a selection of diffrent things..
    he has 2 or 3 bottles in the day and has 2 at night sometimes 3 still!! which im trying to break.

    but ill give your lo lots of finger foods and let him/her eat as much as they wont? sorry im not much help xx xxx
  • thanks for your replies. I have just gone out and brought some cucumber and broccili. She chews lumps in food and will direct the spoon to her mouth(if her hand is low enough down the spoon). Just a bit slow with finger foods..

    Her weight is on the same line so I know what I am feeding her is doing her good as shes steadily putting on weight. I think I will try giving them to her mid afternoon then try and bring them into meal times.

    Still a bit confused as to bf. Iw as feeding on demand. Then she dropped them herself. Now she can go about 6hrs with out one, is this ok, or should I be giving her more? xxx

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  • no i thin taht seems fine hun, today jayden had a bottle about 7 then not even had another one since! he will have one before bed tho and he wakes still for 2 bottles- always has done.

    but usually he has a bottle in morning arond 7 then one round 3 then one at 8 so there7-8 hours inbetween feeds. i think what ur doing fine xx
  • Gabe doesn't tend to go more than 4 hours in the day for his milk. He still loves it and drinks 4 7oz bottles a day, and cries for it. I've tried giving him a snack instead or a yogurt but it doesnt seem to fill his tummy in the same way milk does. He has cheese sauces and yogurts, and baby rice with milk too so I know he's getting way more than enough!

    I give Gabe finger foods for a meal now, he has 4 teeth (well, 3 1/2 as the other one still just cut!) so can manage them well, today he had a sandwich (well, a quarter of one!) with dairylea on it and one of those sweetcorn rings.

    As regards breastfeeds, it might be worthwhile offering it a bit more often, as maybe then she'll be more full up and feed less at night xx
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