Anyone with a Phil & Teds Vibe?

Hi Ladies, just wondered if anyone had one of these? I think this is what I will be trading my beloved Bugaboo in for and have seen that I would be able to re use my Maxi Cosi car seat with the adapter frame you can buy for the pram, which would save me some money. Am wondering if anyone has this and what they think of the Vibe in general?



  • i have the sport and its the same as the vibe and its brill havent got a bad word to say abt it, i also have the maxi cosi car seat on it, it really is a brill pushchair, i have a 6 week old baby and 21 month old, id be lost without it xx
  • Hayley thanks for replying, thats pretty much exactly what my age gap will be. Is the carseat fiddly to fit on the pushchair and do you use the cocoon much?

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions!
  • hia hun,sorry cnt help but i too like the look of these pushchairs! my friend has the sport and loves it.I didnt know u could attach the carseat,how does that wrk? xxx
  • Hollysmum you cab buy a frame for about ??25 which clicks on the the pushchair frame and the carseat slots onto that. If it works then it ticks all my boxes!
  • Hiya just crashing here but can you use the car seat with the doubles kit attached too?
  • Depends whether you read the manual or not!!! Phil and Teds say not to use it that way but we used to do it all the time, if your toddler is heavy then it makes the pushchair a bit 'tippy' going up curbs but apart from that it's fine. It's dead easy to fit the carseat, you just stick a metal frame in the holes where the bumper bar or doubles seat goes on top and then drop the seat onto it. The cocoon is really cosy, and it's handy to be able to just lift them out the pushchair without waking them, we also used to use it for daytime naps if we were visiting as it makes quite a cosy little bed. It's not that big though so if you are expecting a big baby you migh not get much use out of it. Barney had outgrown it by about 10 weeks. Hope that helps!
  • i dont have one but ive got to say they look really nice. we are waiting untill splodge is born to see wether we need a double or not as we dont want to waste money.

    Hannah 35+1 xx
  • Thanks for your help, thats one decisision made!
  • hiya yep car seat is easy to fit, i use the cocoon all the time, its quite warm and cosy, thomas loves been in it and always sleeps while he is in it, x
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