Stomach Virus :-(

Hi Ladies,

Have any of your LO's had stomach virus'?

My DS is 7 months old and has caught a horrid stomach virus at nursery which is causing him sick up all his food and milk. It's so upsetting as he starts crying after being sick but then is ok in himself shortly after. I'm concerned as he'snot keeping anything down and worrried about him becoming dehydrated! He was sick in his sleep on 2 occasions poor little man!

Is there anything I can do for him or do I just bear with it? It's so horrible seeing him like this :cry:

Thank you xxx


  • If he really isn't keeping anything down try getting him to sip diorolyte (sp?!) comes in kids sachets and blackcurrant will help keep him hydrated and his electolytes in balance

    Hope he feels better really soon...its grim!

  • Dylan had one 2-3 weeks ago, was awful, like your lo he didn't keep anything down. Took him to gp who advised to not give solids as it would make virus ast longer and keep up with lots of fluids. He did say that at his age (which was 7months) its harder for them to dehydrate than a baby who is younger, but keep an eye on his soft spot, make sure his eyes are shiny and he's having plenty of wet nappies.

    I agree with mybutler its very grim especially since both me hubby and my mum then caught it!

    I hope he feels much better soon xxxxx
  • Thanks ladies,

    He had his bedtme bottle which he drank 6 oz and so far has kept it down.May consider the dioralyte - how old do babies need to be to take this?

    Do you continue with milk feeds as normal or does milk make them feel worse?

    How long did it take your LO to get better Dylansmummy? I hope he gets over it very soon, hate seeing him ill and he's got a very sore bum with all the diarrhoea too xx
  • I would say if he's keeping his milk down then give that to him, but if he's sick then stop and just give him sips of the diorolyte.

    I'm sure you can give it from birth, and I've found this on the lloyds pharmacy website which suggests the same;


    Liz x
  • Dylan was bing sick for about 12 hours (so a day for him) but like your lo he kept his bedtime bottke down. But he was very very sleepy for about a week after and brought up more of his milk when burping for a couple of days but nothing like he had been.

    I hated that day he was so ill, he would throw up go cold and clammy and cry then he was ok again I felt so sorry for him and was so greatful when he wasnt vomitting the day after we did have dodgy nappies for a bit but I think this was due to only having milk and no solids for 3 days.

  • Thank you ladies for your advice, I think i'll purchase some diorolyte and hopefully like Dylan, his will pass soon. It will have been 24 hours.

  • Well, he had his morning bottle and threw all that up! Rang NHS Direct who said that I should continue feeding his milk and solids and ride it out! xx
  • Poor little mite!

    Lots of cuddles, fluids and sleep for him this weekend.

    I hope he's better soon xxxx
  • Oh dear, poor little thing, can't offer any advice but do hope he gets over it soon xx
  • Hi,

    Dylansmummy - just wondered how long did it take for your LO to fully recover? My DS has stopped vomiting for a couple of days now and we are following his normal feeding routine but he does not want any solid food at all. He started off having bits but it's completely stopped now. I know you fed your LO milk but once his bug was cleared, did you have problems with him eating solids? Think I'm being silly but just hope he doesnt have a phobia with food now!!

    Thanks xxx
  • Hey hun

    Im so pleased he has stopped vomitting!

    We stopped solids for 2 days, when he returned to solids his appetite did take a while to return. He ate toast (the first thing we gave him) really well as I think he was starving but he has quite a big appetite and that did take a while to return (probably about a week) this was combined with him being very tired and dopey for about the same amount of time.

    Im sure he doesn't have a phobia but maybe his tummy is still a bit sore, I got the same bug I didn't eat for a week, Dylan actually ate more than me!

    I hope he's feeling better soon and is back to his normal self xxxxx
  • Thanks for your response dylansmummy, you've reassured me that he will return to his usually big appetite! It is so worrying when they're ill and you get so paranoid over everything. Dont think that will ever go away. He's drinking his milk so am pleased with that.

    Was he still taking a large amount of milk during the 2 days you stopped solids. My DS consumption has dropped overall but as he's keeping it down I'm happy.

    How long did it take Dylan to totally get over the bug? It's been 4 days now and I think he is over the worse of it. Just hope he has an immune system like his daddy and not mine as I take ages to recover from colds etc!

    Sorry for the questions!!

    Thanks again xxx
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