your thoughts would be appreciated!

We started a bedtime routine for Charlie this week which seems to be going okay, he's not great at settling himself though and i wondered if you girls who have got a good routine could look at what im doing and see if it seems okay or if you have any suggestions.

*Bedtime between 7 - 8pm
*10-15 mins of quiet play/cuddles
*Take Charlie upstairs to change him into his jim jams (room dark with night light on)
*give him bottle and cuddle him till he's settled - he sometimes falls asleep on the bottle
*put him into cot
*if he gets grizzly i go up and stroke his head till he settles and leave room, if he does get in a bit of a state crying i pick him up to comfort him and once settled put him back (only had to do this once tho)

what do you think? xx


  • Sounds good to me hun. With Riley I used to stay until he fell asleep and stroke his head or just hold my hand near his face. Eventually he needed me less and less, and i'm now able to come downstairs and pop up if he loses his dummy. Just being consistent seems to really help so he knows what to expect. Have you thought about a story at all? Riley loves the sound of our voices reading a calm story, he seems to settle much better. I read it with him swaddled on our bed, then kiss him goodnight and pop him in his cot. xxx
  • Sounds perfect to me hun. Very similar to what I would do.
    The only thing I tried to do was to stop her falling asleep on the bottle in case she woke up scared in her cot, but thst never happened so if she fell asleep I just let her. Now (age 1) we can put her into bed wide awake and normally she falls asleep pretty quick (I'm tempting fate aren't I)!
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