Breastfeeding with flat nipples?

Hi Ladies,

My son in 6 weeks old and I gave up on bf at about 3 1/2 weeks because of supply issues - I never had more than a few drops and never had a feeling of fullness in my breast or leaking or anything. i don't know why my milk never really came in and have been so upset and depressed about it. I have decided to try and relactate just so i know in my heart of hearts that i am sure that i gave it my best shot. Its going ok so far and have gone from nothing on Sunday to expressing 1oz today. I am putting Jason on my breasts and he is latching on ok but not really sucking just sort of working his jaw. My nipples are generally really flat and don't change when expressing or feeding. I definately don't get the long shape of a bottle teat which everyone I know who bf gets. Do you think this might have something to do with my lack of production if lo doesn't have much to suck on? Does anyone have any tips or experience with breatfeeding with flat nipples?


  • this was one of our problems, we found nipple shields helped,
  • I have very little nipples that are flat and it does make things much more difficult I think, nipple shells can help as the make your nipple poke through, so you could try wearing them for a while before feeding?

    Good luck with the re lactating xx
  • Good luck with it all. I have fairly flat nipples and pretty large boobs so at times it was like getting lo to suck on a bowling ball! It did create issues with feeding both my babies but I just used to squeeze around the areola to make it more pointy and to 'ram' it into his mouth! Also stroking the nipple from his forehead down towards his mouth used to get him to open really wide. I've also had to always support my breast whilst feeding as, if I let go, the weight of it pulls the nipple out of his mouth because he hasn't got enough grip.

    Good luck with it all!
  • I was going to say nipple shields too.
    I fed with them for 7 months as it was the only way LO had anything to latch onto!

    Good luck!
  • i too am using nipple shields as have flat nipples
  • Thanks Ladies . Can you recomend a brand of breast sheild? I bought some Advent ones but the nipple part was too big for his wee mouth and my nipple was lost in it!
  • I used Boots ones!
  • Good luck with it all, i really hope it works for you. I was in same position and i used boots own brand nipple shields, we too didnt get on with the avent ones. I found the boots ones were softer and fitted better.

    I really hope you get it sorted, i worked like this for a month and gave up. Its my biggest regret to date. xxxxxxxxx
  • I got medela sample ones from my infant feeding advisor, they come in different sizes which is fab. Unfortunately I just didn't get on with them, I have small size ones that I never used, don't know if its the sort of things that's ok to pass on? if it is let me know and I'll post them to you x
  • I have inverted nipples.. and fed my little one for 3months and luckly never had a problem with the latch although REALLY worried prior to birth.. I used Nippletts (avent) which help pull the nipple out prior to birth.. and although they didnt keep my nipple out all the time.. it did seem to ease it for when i squeezed them to get the nipple out for feeding.. it is hard to breastfeed IF your nipples arent ideal.. but i managed just had to give a big squeeze before latching.. good luck!! I regret only feeding for 3mths.. I know next time that I have to express as well as feed to ensure ive got a strong enough supply to feed my little one x
  • I found the medela shields were fab

    Good luck with relactating! xxx
  • I had to use nipple shields too, but that, combined with a poor supply (and a section and an infection, oh the joys!), meant I gave up after just 8 days after a trip to hospital with LO being dehydrated and basically starving. The guilt and hysterical tears was too much for me and I caved and went on to bottles. Part of me wishes I'd persevered through it, but the other part of me knows that LO is completely fine and happy now at 6m so the bottle cant have done her that much harm ha ha!

    Hope things are better for you - I would persevere if you can, and good on you having another crack at it! xx
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