My 6month old son won't sleep in his cot...?

Up until 3weeks ago my son was sleeping in a crib... His now too big for that so have put him in his cot. He use to sleep brilliant at nite... He'd fall asleep by himself around 8.30/9pm right through until 9/10am. Since moving him into his cot he wont settle unless his being cuddled or in my bed (which i really hate doing now as his rolling everywhere) If i try laying him in his cot once his asleep he wakes straight away... I've tried leaving him to cry but he can go on for hours & gets himself into such a state i have to give in.
Don't really know what else to try :\? Anyone else had this problem or any advice would be grateful


  • Hi
    Have you tried the pick up/ put down method? Weve been using it and have seen a huge improvement!
    Basicly you put lo in his cot tired
    If he starts crying put a hand on his chest
    If that doesnt calm him pick him up
    Put him straight back down when he stops crying even if he starts again on the way back down.
    And just keep doing that, the first time it took us nearly 2 hours but now its around 10 minutes (after a week) and he doesnt need picking up at all
    Hope i helped
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