keeping a 7month old entertained! UPDATED.... :)

My LO is just over 7 months and i am finding it increasingly difficult to keep him entertained! He seems to be very frustrated as he isnt yet crawling but wants to be! he will happily sit on the floor surrounded by toys for a while but before long he starts kicking his legs and waving his arms and moaning...its a very frustrated moan and its driving me nuts! he loves to be on his feet but he is such a heavy boy that i cant do that for long, he likes his jumperoo but i think he finds this a little boring after a few minutes! (it used to keep him entertained for ages!)
Is there anything i can do to help him to crawl? (he does now launch forward from sitting so he is on his tummy and he kicks his legs like he is swimming but this doesnt get him anywhere and he gets even more cranky!)
His 2 top teeth are on their way down and this isnt helping...he is one frustrated and impatient little monkey!!!
How do you keep your stationery bundle entertained?

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  • This sounds like Dylan for the past month, however yesterday he learnt how to crawl HURRAH!!!! The moan I describe as chinese water torture goes right through you doesn't it?!

    Our lo's are more por less the same age, Dylan is also a heavy boy and holding him on his feet constantly I also find exhausting (he also learnt to pull himself up too, his best climbing frame is mummy apparently :lolimage do you have a lean on walker? Its Dylans fave toy, he will sit on the floor with it and play and will try and pull himself up on it to stand, I then lean it against the sofa so he's stood up supporting himself and I sit behind him ready to catch. It means I get a happy man who then tires himself out nicely whilst mummy isn't as exhausted!

    This is my little man happily playing good for mummies ears and back image

    Good luck xxxx
  • what a clever boy you have!!
    i think i will be popping to argos tomorrow! Rafferty is desperate to stand up as when he plays with toys when he is sitting down he ends up kicking his legs with excitement and knocking them out the way! (no wonder the poor chap is getting cross!)
    My friends baby learnt to crawl last month and she said she has swopped the moaning and whining for having to have eyes in the back of her head! I guess if its not one thing its another!! all good fun though! x x x
  • Don't be suprised if one day he just learns everything at once, thats what happened here then yes eyes in back of head and crying from having things he wants but cant have taken from him :lol: him being mobile is fun though i've christened him bambi at the minute image

    The walker is a godsend he doesn't like being confined in his sit in one but this he loves and as long as I ensure it cant roll away he can play stood up, you could also try an activity station although they are much much more expensive.

  • Went out and bought the Vtech first steps and he has spent all afternoon playing with it....i will try to add a photo....!/photo.php?pid=5995857&id=567971832

    thank you for your recommendation....what a relief!!!

    thank you Dylans Mummy!
  • It wont let me see due to privacy settings :\( but im so so pleased he liked his toy image im hoping mummy had a more peaceful and rested afternoon

  • i THINK i have managed to change the settings so that people can see the links to photos...but who not the sharpest pencil when it comes to computers!!!!
  • Still cant see it, just says content not available. Its probably me hun im a bit clueless too image

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