what would we be doing now?

Hiya mummies and babies!

was sat thinking about what i might have been doing these days if i'd not met oh and had kiddies yet? Would i have carried on with college and uni and now be an air hostess or travel rep? or would i have got with someone else that did all the drugs under the sun and now be an addict? (not a chance lol!). I wouldn't change what i've got for the world but i sometimes wish i could have a tape with the different ways my life could have turned out just to watch and see. lol

Have you eve wondered what you'd be doing now?

could just be me and my crazy mind. lol

Lisa xxx


  • i have no idea...... i had my first 18 years ago. Probably stayed at Barclaycard and worked my way up. I always wanted to be a midwife so I may have gone that route.
    I do wonder but since we cant live a parallel world (how cool would it be if we could) we will never know.

    d xx
  • I would have (hopefully) been a vet nurse. xx
  • I dont know!

    Maybe I would have focused more on my teaching career - but ultimately I wanted to get married and have a family so I would hopefully have found someone other than my dh and be doing what I'm doing, just with someone else! I'd dont know if i'd be as happy though?!
  • i would probley ended up with a bunch of chldren with diffrent dads and have mental problems,or be dead, just being honest... im so glad i have the life i do very gratefull. xx
  • I think i would probably be going down the insane route too, Hayley.

    Probably bummed around for a long time deciding which job to go for before getting one just because.

    But now its brilliant. I actually decided what i wanted to do when i had HArry and i'm aiming high. Brilliant. xxx
  • If I hadn't had Poppy I would still have been doing my high pressure sales job and have a lot more money! I don't regret it for one minute though!!
  • I'm just watching my gorgeous daughter trying to stuff two pieces of banana into her mouth and quiet honestly i can't imagine life without her or my husband.
    Bloody hell that's soppy!
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