Sitting down

Peter has now mastered pulling himself to standing and is doing it all the time. However, he still hasn't worked out how to sit down again. The result is a great deal of frustration and complaint, especially first thing in the morning and after naps when he has pulled himself up in his cot.

Does anyone have any tips on how to teach him to sit back down by himself? He has taken a couple of tumbles and bumped his head, so I am a bit worried that he is scared of getting down by himself now. Any advice much appreciated.


  • no idea but my son has just learned to roll onto his tummy but can't roll back and he is fair raging now as he is so frustrated.
  • I dont have any advice, I think theres a couple weeks between Peter and Evan isnt there? Evan literally learnt on the job so to speak, a few bumps but he figured it out in the end x
  • same as woomummy, austin learnt thru his 'mistakes' lol, a couple of bumped bottoms and he soon figured out a technique lol. x
  • Yes, same here!

    Daisy learned by bashing her head, I'm afraid! For a while (bearing in mind, Daisy started pulling herself onto her feet at about 7 months), I would help her back down, but it didn't help her to learn, so I gave up with that! Sometimes I still help her when she's tired or upset, but mostly she just falls back down because she's pulled herself up so far. She's been doing this for nearly 5 months, can climb up stairs (!!!), onto our bed, the sofa etc, but can't walk yet - bizarre..

    C xx
  • haha mrs buttons, same here, austin started pulling himself up about 7 months too, cruisinga t 9 months, can now stand up randomly in the middle of the floor and pick toys up, climb on and off the sofa but can't woalk without his wlker or someone holding his hands, he still not saying anything yet either... x
  • Hmm. I guess I will just have to leave him. Mornings will just be quite stressful for a bit, as he refuses to even try to get back down in his cot.

    I am amazed by how fast he has gone from pulling himself up to cruising, actually, so hopefully it won't be long before he figures it out. One advantage to a late 'stander', I guess. image

    Thanks for the advice, ladies. I will just have to be patient and hope he figures it out soon.
  • Hel get it hun, not nice having to watch though...i remember the standing in cot time, but he figured it out once i stopped rescuing him image

    We had an early stander here im suprised he hasnt walked yet like his brothers..hes quite content cruising and using his walker though...since 10 months hes been standing freely, so could be any time i guess - where did our babies go...!!!! xxx
  • Roslyn is coming up 11 months and was the same. She learnt to stand about two weeks ago and stood up against pretty much anything in the house, but just looked plaintively me or shouted loudly when she wanted to get down. We had plenty of bumped heads when I wasn't quite quick enough to catch her!

    She has now worked out how to do it herself and can get down and up to her hearts content. Amusingly she still doesn't like landing on her bum though, that still makes her a little upset, she generally goes down onto her knees.

    So my advice is that if he's anything like Roslyn he will get it soon.
  • LOL, Daisy's knees are completely brown with bruises from all the times she falls on them. Think I'll get her some knee pads!

    C x
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