baby swimwear confusion!

hi ladies!

i have just booked out first family holiday and we will be taking our 8 month old swimming for the first time, but im a little confused with the swim nappies etc. im looking to get him an all in one type swim costume, but what do we put under it? a disposable swim nappy? or a reusable swim nappy? or do you need a swim nappy and something else to go over it aswell as the swimsuit??



  • I think it depends on how old your LO is and how warm the pool is.

    I take Adam (4.5 months) swimming in a warm 'baby friendly' ppol and he wears a disposable swim nappy (Huggies) and a Happy Nappy over the top.

  • We got Cam a swim wrap (the wetsuit material ones) and a bambino reusable swim nappy (which was ace) when we went to fuerteventura. No need for disposables or anything else with that and we never had any leaks or anything. Saved packing space that would have been taken up with disposable swim nappies too! x
  • We take Ollie swimming and have recently been abroad too. He was 8 months old when we went. He wears an all in one wetsuit, a disposable huggies swim nappy and swimming trunks with a terry style nappy in. Ypu prob dont need both style nappies, but i always use them just to be on the safe side!!!

    We also bought a sun proof top and shorts swim set from next which he wore. I just put the huggies underneath that as it would have been far too bulky. I liked that for being abroad as it protected him from the sun xxx
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