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Hope you are all well?

Just wondered if anyone had a doppler they would be happy to sell on? Some of the websites look a bit dodgy so hoped I might be able to find one on here that I would at least know worked...

first scan isnt until 13 weeks and i've had no sickness and alot of back pain so looking for some reassurance.

Thank you,
Co xx


  • I don't have one too sell, but have you tried ebay? I would just say I heard baby's heartbeat for 1st time at 16 weeks & even then my midwife said that she mightn't be able to hear anything until 20 weeks. I just don't want you getting one & not being able to hear anything & getting yourself stressed out about it. In the early stages of pregnancy I had a lot of back ache & twings which I was told was my insides being strecthed for baby.

    HTH & good luck in your pregnancy

  • I don't have one to sell, but have hired one from ebay - it was ??10 including P&P for a month. I'm 20+2 so hope that by the time we send it back DH will be able to feel the baby moving.

    Can't remember the seller, but it's a hi-bebe.

  • i got an angelsounds one from ebay for about 10 pounds, i am hoping ti use it again though so not selling x
  • I got mine from Anawiz - have bought from them several times (breastpump and doppler) and found them excellent.
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