wont sleep!

up until recently LO would sleep in pram in day and cot at night, now he wont sleep in pram either and im having real trouble getting him to sleep in day and he ends up awake for hours and over tired but just cries in cot and i feel this isnt right! i dont no what to do he is only 9 wks and i will not leave him to cry. is it possible as he is out in day in pram he gets confused when i put him in cot? surely not as we all do that? should i rock him before putting him cot? as putting him straight in ,i wil be there ages and he gets so upset.


  • I'm not sure what to suggest really but didnt want to r&r Evie sleep in her cot on a night time and pram during the day, if she won't sleep i sometimes rock her in the pram but i try not to rock her in my arms to much as i want her to know how to get herself back to sleep. Hope you find something that works xxx
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