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C-section, iif you had one please tell me the truth!!



  • ah yes, sneezing :lol: u feel like ur going to rip urself open but it's over in a few seconds! hehe x
  • How awful that ur friend said that to u. It totally depends on how quickly u heal and in my opinion whether uv had an emergency or a planned coz iv had both and my planned was so much easier after i wasnt in as much pain and i was able to cope alot better. My OH went back to work after only having one week off and i was left with a two yr old and a newborn to look after on my own, and as long as u do everything they tell u and make sure u keep on top of ur pain killers for the first couple of weeks im sure u will be fine, especially if ur OH has got three weeks off. Dnt worry about it hun us women r made of strong stuff u know. If u do end up having a section ur body is an amzing healing machine xxx
  • Hi.
    I had an emergency section and was up and showering the next day (with help).
    My hubbie just had 2 weeks off and after that I was fine and coping well.
    I left heavy lifting to him (wet washing, ironing etc) when he got home and I just looked after Ruby.
    8 months on I have just had 2 ovarian cysts removed and it is exactly the same procedure. My section scar has been re-opened and I was in for 3 days.
    You do find it hard to get up from the bed and sitting etc but 2 weeks on and I am practically back to normal and lifting my 8 month old who weighs 21lbs!!
    I had NO pain relief for 48hours after each op as I didn't want to be sick as I had no food! (anaesthesia recovery!).
    The pain really is bearable. I had 12 hours of labour before mine and believe me, contractions are far worse!!
    I would have an elective section next time without fail!

  • Hiya

    I'm sitting here recovering from a c sec as we speak.....

    I had the section at about 5pm ish on the Saturday, and was laid up in bed until the Sunday morning, then they allowed me to sit up for a bit before having a shower later that morning. Sunday I was very sore and was still on the morphine (oral doses - it was great image ) but by monday i was feeling much better. It still hurt like hell getting in and out of bed, and walking made me look like an old granny (and still can now if ive done too much) but as long as I kept up with the pain killers it wasnt too bad.
    A week later I'm still a bit sore, and still taking the pain killers on a regular basis, but the scar is healing well.
    I have my OH off with me for 5 weeks, and we hope that will be long enough. I do have a 22 month old as well, and he is due in hospital sometime in april so it wont be easy for us.
    The other major factor in how long it will take me to recover is my rectus diastasis - i have a hands width gap that means i have to be extra careful about what i do so i dont herniate and do myself irreparable damage - so i do think it will take me longer than others...
    I remember with the emergency c sec with Ollie I was taking it easy but was out bowling by 6 weeks after, and i think i recovered better from that one than i am doing from this one....

    I'd say see how it goes - 3 weeks might be enough, or you might find you're still struggling a bit then so need to make further arrangements...
    yes it does hurt but as long as you take the pain killers on a regular basis to start with it is manageable
    you dont NEED help for 6 weeks, but it does make life easier, you will be able to cope by 3 weeks as long as you dont try to go straight back to normal...
    and dont go off how long it'll take my scar to heal - it looks good at the moment but could take me a good 6-8 weeks for it all to heal due to the amount of scar tissue i already have...

  • Thanks for your replies ladies, it has really helped me to get an idea of what to expect xx
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