Sadly my household has been struck over the past few days :'( Just me and dh so far, praying my dds don't get it.

Does anyone have any advice re the following? -

1. I know you should eat plain, starchy foods (like bread and potatoes) and avoid dairy when you've had an upset tummy. Would you carry on giving dd1 her usual food & milk (bearing in mind she's not yet ill) or stick with plain stuff and water until we know for sure the bug has passed her by?

2. I'm over the vomiting but still feeling weak and not able to eat much. I am bf dd2 and am worried about milk quality and quantity. Bananas and water are the two things I'm having atm, what else is supposed to be good for milk production?

Thanks in advance :\( I know it's only a bit of d&v but it fills me with dread to think my babies might feel as rotten as I did with it.


  • Hi ptb, we have been through many d&v episodes, but have been v fortunate that none of mine have ever suffered before about 2 yrs old - so hopefully your dd's will be ok - bf'ing helps protect them too.

    I wouldn't restrict anything in their diet until they actually went down with it - whatever they have eaten, if they get the bug, they will empty their stomachs! Keeps them eating as normal, then IF they get it, starve them for as long as you can, then give some water and dry toast, and no dairy.

    I think your very little baby should be ok - if she is just on breastmilk? Just be scrupulously hygienic and sterilise everything lol! When we have had these bugs I have found that obsessive hand-washing works wonders, in stopping it spreading. Try and limit contact between your toddler and baby too - hard though I know!

    Here's hoping they'll be ok! I remember one of the most vicious tummy bugs I ever had was when ds1 was 8mths - and I was the one looking after him, and he didn't catch it off me - so it can be done. Hope you and hubby feel better soon.


  • Thank you so much Tottie for a very reassuring response! Both dds seem ok so far, fingers crossed, and dh hasn't vomited in over 12 hours (in fact I now suspect he's milking it and am beginning to get annoyed as I sure as hell didn't get to lounge about recovering for as long as he has.... plus having eaten next to nothing since Thurs, and been up all night bf dd2, returning dd1 to her own bed and generally worrying, I'm not exactly in a fit state to be looking after two babies myself, something that doesn't seem to worry dh. Anyway that's a rant for another day!)

    We are all obsessively hand washing and everything has been Dettoled as far as poss! Yep, dd2 only has breastmilk. And dd1 DEMANDED (in words) her milk and "dinner" this morning, so I did do as you suggested and keep her diet as it normally is.

    Haha just read this back and it's totally a rant! Sorry! Thanks again for your reply :\)
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