Need some help from bf mummies who've weaned their lo's x

Sorry for the long thread title!

I'm about to start weaning my lo who's 4 months on HV's advice as he's showing a few of the signs, but mainly because i left him with my parents on saturday night with 9oz of ebm to be on the safe side and he took the lot in one go!

So i'm a bit confused about how i should be going about feeding him and introducing solids, as everyone keeps giving me different advice.

Oscar eats about 7.30/8am, then again about 10.30/11 and it's after this feed i've been told to start, because he's napped and generally quite content. Does this sound ok?

I'm confused about when i should offer the food. He takes both sides at each feed usually, and i don't want him to cut back on his milk too quickly because this is the most filling and important thing for the time being. So should i give one side, then some rice, then the other side? Because i'm worried he won't want the second side! Or should i give both sides and then offer the rice? Because i'm worried he won't want the rice!!

I'm really stressing about it! I've read Gina Fords weaning book that makes a lot of sense but it seems quite intensive and introduces food very quickly, whereas my health visitor said give nothing but rice for a few weeks (and only a teaspoon full) then progress, but Gina Ford says this will create problems when trying to introduce new tastes, because he may not want them - i'm seriously confuzzled!

Any help/advice/experiences welcome, my brain may explode otherwise xxx


  • Ive been weaning Riley for a couple of weeks and started by offering him food about an hour after his morning feed, before he got sleepy and grumpy. He hasnt dropped any feeds at all, and is on 2 meals a day with puddings. We have introduced the foods fairly quickly as he was 26 weeks when we started so needs the nutients, but a friend of mine introduced one food a week to start with. Carrot with baby rice, then brocolli with baby rice etc. I mix a lot of Riley's puree with porridge to fill him up a bit, and he loves it! He likes it more when he gets to hold food himself though, so we give him lots of finger food which you can start when your LO is ready. You could also put a lot of milk into his purees so at least if he does drop a feed at all you can get milk in this way. Riley has just carried on going three hourly day and night! xxx
  • I can tell you what I did but it probably bears no resemblance to the official advice!! Barney was 19 weeks when we started and has never been very fussed about his milk. He was feeding at 7, 11, 3 and 7 (and one night feed) For the first three days he had baby rice at lunch time (about 12.30), after that I introduced single veg purees and then mixtures, giving him a new one every few days. I introduced breakfast (cereal) after about 10 days and then tea about a week after that. He was a pig from the word go, he took about 2 tablespoons of baby rice the first day. Splitting the food and milk to different times works for us as he just wouldn't bother with the milk if he had it at the same time. Once he was having 3 full meals a day he dropped his 11 o'clock feed and he now has a small snack then instead.
    Hope that helps
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