How late?

What time do you give your lo tea and is there a certain time they should have it before? Evie goes down between 6.30pm-7pm so what time should i give her tea? xxxx


  • Grace goes down at that time too and i give her tea at 5pm

  • Alfie eats between 5:30-6pm then is down for 7-7:30pm and that works for us. Means we generally try to all eat together-try being the right word!
  • Oscar has his around 4, 30-45mins after his afternoon bottle. Also because of the hours my oh works we're eating lunch around then and I like him to have something at a similar time. As I get closer to going back to work and he starts having finger foods etc I may rethink his timings but it works for us now.

    I wouldn't give her a meal in the 90 mins before bedtime, maybe 2hrs just in case she gets tummy ache or a reaction to something, but it depends on what fits in with you hon x
  • Theo has his tea about 5-5:30 and goes to bed about 6:30 and is usually asleep just after 7
  • Rhys has his dinner around 4.30-5pm and goes to bed around 7-7.30pm xx
  • Amber has hers around 4/5 and goes to bed at 6.30 xx
  • Isobel has her tea at 5pm and usually goes to bed between 7 and 8pm xx
  • Riley has his between 4 and 5, he goes up for his bath at 6pm unless he's very grumpy and he goes up at half 5 and bed at 6pm. xxx
  • Thanks girls, i was thinking about 4.30pm but was worried it was to late so you've put my mind at rest thanks xxx
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