Sensor mat - recommended or not?

Matilda is 9 weeks and still in with us although we spend every night on a rolling rota of waking each other up with snoring (DH), farting (her) and needing the loo (me). Was all set to move her to her own room at the weekend and then bottled it. We are in a 3 storey house and her room is a level up from ours (although ours is at the foot of the stairs and hers at the top so not too bad). The whole cot death thing is nagging at me (i.e. the fact that baby should be in with you until 6 months) even though we have no other risk factors (I'm aware it's not as black and white as that).

We already have the BT150 monitor so I am a bit reluctant to splash out any more but I am wondering how reliable they are and whether they gave you much more reassurance when you moved LO?


K x


  • mine has been a god send!
    We moved LO into his own room at 5 weeks as no one was getting great sleep, and having the sensor pad has given me complete peace of mind, i think even at 6 months i would still have been concerned if we only had a normal monitor. We have the Tommee tippee ultimate so in the morning all i look for is the little green flashing light (when he breaths/moves) and i know he is ok, He is a great sleeper and has slept through 7pm-7.30am since 3 months so i think if we didnt have the sensor pad i would wake up in the morning and i want to go straight into see if he was ok,
    My friend opted not to get one as she was concerned it would make her paranoid - to me this made no sense at all, i am not at all paranoid about cot death as i know if he did stop breathing for more than 20seconds the alarm would wake me up...
    i have rambled on but basically i am much more relaxed knowing my baby is sleeping soundly....
  • Hi there, we don't have a sensor pad, I have the BT one like you, and it is very sensitive, you can hear breathing very clearly through it, so if I wake up in the night, I don't always even have to put it to my ear to hear him breathing. However, that said, I do wish I had done more monitor research before I bought and got a sensor pad one for that extra reassurance. Maybe try for a couple of nights and see how you find it before splashing out on a new monitor. If you do get a new one, you can always sell the other on ebay!! image
  • Def our best purchase - would be a wreck without it = ours is the angel care one and is relatively inexpensive - Brilliant x
  • So glad someone recommended me the sensor pad ones. We had some initial concerns about LOs breathing with 10 days on SCBU. If I didn't have the pad, I know I'd constantly be waking her by checking on her - while she was in our room and since 2 weeks ago when she went into her own room (outgrown moses basket at 17 weeks).
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
    We have the Angelcare and have been happy with it.
  • Hi, We have the Angelcare one too and it is a godsend. It takes away all the worry. LO is now 10 months and still in with us as we only have one bedroom atm but we still use it.

    On a few occasions he has rolled off the mat and the alarm has sounded in the night and Ive woke straight away . Its scary but worth it for the extra protection.

    Claire x
  • Omg def must. We have rhea in her own room for couple of weeks & it's been great. My oh was concerned about putting her in her own room so early, but we've all been sleeping all night since we moved her into her room. The pad had been such a reassurence for us. However, the 1st night I lay awake staring at the little green flashing light making sure she was still breathing, but that's just me. Really good purchase, we got the tommy tippee one.

    Jayne xx
  • Thanks girls. You made my mind up for me. We had a dreadful night last night. We woke her up when we went to bed at 11pm, when I went to the loo at 3.30 and then DH woke her up at 5.30 when he got up for work! Nightmare! She then wanted feeding on each occassion! Did some research this am and found that Angelcare sell a movement only monitor (so we still use our BT one for sound) and Amazon have it reduced from 60 quid to 45! As soon as it comes she will be nursery-bound!

    Thanks again! xxx
  • HI KayeCee
    could you give me the details of the Angelcare movement only monitor you have found? Im in the same situation as you in that I want to move Lo into his own room but I already have a good TT monitor, so only need a sensor pad/ movement monitor.
    Thanks a lot ;o)
    NTT xxx
  • Hi!

    I was just wondering if you could use these in a moses basket or only once baby goes into their own cots! Xxx
  • We used ours straight away in the moses basket. The only advice I would give is position the wire carefully, when LO got a little older and grabbing things, my latest worry became that she would pull on the wire and wrap it round her neck!
    So we did a kind of tuck and tie type thing to keep it tight and secure.
    But yes they work fine in the moses basket.
  • We used ours from the day we bought ds1 and now ds2 home. It was a godsend with ds1 who did have regular episodes of stopping (my heart and his breathing) so we were able to deal with it. We used it in moses basket and have done with ds2 (who is asleep beside me in moses with it on right now) We put the wire under the skirt of the moses basket so cant be reached.
    Couldnt sleep without one - struggled in hospital with ds2 that first night as I didnt have it with me!!!
  • We have the angelcare one and I find it fab for putting my mind at ease a little.
    I have a friend whos baby became a victim of SIDS. I went through it all with her and after that was terrified of it happening to my little man. So when I found out I was pregnant I was straight out buying one x
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