Stage 1 car seats & head rest q.


I was wondering if anyone else has taken out the head rest part of thier lo's stage 1 car seat.

I know it is there for safety but it wasn't really doing it's job as most often Louise's head wasn't sitting it it but on it is she was wearning a coat. Louise is 6 months btw.




  • Hiya, my lo is 6 months now too, but I took hers out when she was about 4 months as the same thing happened to her lol. It was really uncomfortable for her and she's much happier in her car seat since we took it out.
  • thanks, i'm glad i'm not the only one!
  • We took lo's off when she was 4 months too as the same thing was happening x
  • My lo is 4months and hates the car seat I was thinking about removing the head rest too. Might give that a shot. S x
  • On my cabriofix instructions it says you can take the head support out at 4 months if thats any help.
    We took Connors out then he looks all gron up in it now! image
  • We took it out at 5 months cos Gabe looked really squashed and uncomfy.

    He's 9 months now and sometimes in a stage 1, sometimes in his stage 2 seat, cos I cant be arsed to move the stage 2 seat from car to car lol.
  • We took the head rests out of Zackys car seats when he wasaround 4 months as his head was just resting on them.

    We need to get him a few stage 2 seats now though as his head reaches the top of the seat that is used in the family car, and he jams in the 1 that is used in my dads car (guess he is a chunky bum). Looked at some stage 2 seats today and they look huge.
  • Thanks, I tried taking it out a while ago but was worried about her head moving from side to side but now it seems more unsafe and uncomfy for her as her head rests on it. It's also a pain as I was having to pull it up everytime I put lo in it.

    Our stage 2 one is already sitting in her room as we got a great bargin on an isofix one. Now I need to find out the max weight for the silver cross stage 1 seat.........her head doesn't reach the top and I think it should last till about 9 months??!!
  • Max weight for stage 1 seats is usually 9kg or 20lbs, as far as I know.
  • I didn't think there was a max weight for 1st stage- rather I thought the 9kg/20lb was a minimum to go in the 2nd stage. We were told it is safer to 'squash' a baby in a 1st stage if they were big babies than move them up at too early an age (if you catch my drift?).
    We were told not to use 2nd stage until at LEAST 9 months but preferably 12 months.
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