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grape seed oil ?

hi girls....... hope all ur babies are well ?
does anyone know where i might get grape seed oil from we have got our first baby massage class tomo and this is what they reccomend and also olive oil but i dont really like the thought of using that lol has anyone else used these?
any tips on best one? and any stories of your first class what should i expect?
thankyou xxxx


  • Hiya

    You can get grapeseed oil from the supermarket, its about a pound for a tub. If you buy baby massage oil from the chemist its about ??10 and its said to be the same thing! grapeseed oil on your babies skin is fine, it sinks right in and doesnt leave a greasy residue like you would expect. you can also put a splash in the bath to keep their skin soft and its great for cradle cap.

    baby massage classes are lovely, you will prob need to take a towel with you, or they may be provided and if your lo is anything like mine, prepare for lots of wee as they are so relaxed!! good luck jo xx
  • thankyou i will have a look today xx
  • Hi I use They have a huge range of oils and definitely do grapeseed. Theyre pure, high quality oils and I always find the delivery is really quick. Hope you both have fun at the massage class xx
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