Breakfast problem

my 7 month old is really enjoying her solids and has been happy with three meals a day for a few weeks but for past few days she refuses to eat her cereal. She used to eat it all up well but now won't even open her mouth. She still happily eats her lunch and tea.

Has anyone else had this? I worry as she's not a big milk drinker and baby cereals were an extra place to get some formula into her, but not anymore it seems! I'm going to try her with some weetabix or ready brek this week to see if she prefers them - perhaps she just bored of baby cereal?

Any ideas received with thanks! Hope you're all doing well! X


  • I'd definitely try another cereal type, or have you tried yoghurt mixed with fruit? More dairy in her that way. Or cheese on toast, or on a muffin or something. Oscar has that if he has his milk really early as he's then quite hungry and it fills him up nicely.

    Hth xx
  • Sounds like she could be bored. And baby cereal is so expensive! Try weetabix/ready brek, and then you can move onto things such as cornflakes and rice crispies. My lo also loves Cheerios (though she is older at 19 months).
  • My son would never eat baby cereals of any sorts, so he had fruit purees for breakfast and we conned him for a while mixing fruit puree with porridge but he sussed that!

    Now he often has banana and handful of cheerios (dry on tray) he's only 11mths.

    If you worried about dairy what about scrambled egg?
  • Thanks for all your responses. I tried her with weetabix today & she ate the best part of half of one with apricot pur????e! She seemed to really enjoy it. I gave her pasta for the first time last night & she loved that too so she obviously likes bits! Excellent!

    Will try ready brek too & yog & fruit or toast. No more expensive baby cereals for us! Yay

    x x x
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