Help needed-how do I change formula milks?

Hi girls!

My lo has been on prem baby milk exclusively for the last 3 weeks now. Prior to this she was on breastmilk, and then slowly my milk and formula unti fully switched to formula.

Her weight gain has been great and she is now on the 50 centile line for her age at 12 wks+3 (corrected age of 6wks+5). I am slightly concerned that if I change her to normal infant formula she will not gain enough weight as she was only 4lb at birth, but I think her prem baby formula is causing her to be sick more often that not and is maybe too rich for her? She has only started vomiting a lot since going over totally to formula. We have discussed the vomiting being possible reflux with the local Chldrens Unit and have been trialling Gaviscon to help with this but this had made her consitpated! :\(

I am seeing the health visitor on Thursday this week but would appreciate any advice anybody can give on how to switch over to a new milk please??? We will probably try Cow & Gate Comfort milk as her prem milk is this brand, and I've read it's slightly thicker than normal formula so hopefully less likely to be thrown back up!

Any advice greatfully received!

Iz & Skye x


  • millie started on normal cow and gate and use to bring some of it back so we put her on cow and gate comfort its brill and she was hardly ever sick. it is thicker so u will need to use the next size teat xx
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