What is best for stuffy noses??

Hi Girls,

My lo is just over 8 weeks old and she has a bit of a cold, well stuffy nose and a little cough. What is best for clearing her nose and where can I get it, is vick vapo rub (sp) the best or some sort of nose drops??

Its seems to be worse at night and so far isnt affecting her feeding which is great.


Amy xxxx


  • I think at that age you can only use saline drops tbh - we've just tried cole with snuffle babe which is from 3 months, and I'm pretty sure the olbas oil we also use is from 3 months too (the bottle is in his room and he's just going to sleep so can't check i'm afraid!)

    Also try elevating the head end of her cot to help her breathe more easily

    hope she feels better soon
  • Saline drops are good but beware putting them in - Gabe screams like he's being tortured, arches his back etc! Is much easier with a little one but still a pain lol. Its easiest to do it while they are feeding as they're distracted.

    Snuffle babe is brilliant too but it's from 3 months. Tbh though I cant see the harm in putting some on a muslin tied to her cot or something xx
  • I agree that Saline drops are good. I had to use them a lot when Kara was very young.
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