what would you do if..............

you put items on the hood of your pram while shopping and only found them when you got back to your car...............

items being 2 boxes of baby food that was on special offer in a shop (2 for ??2.50) that you had spent ??100 pounds in anyway.....


  • Me too! I also gave Poppy a toy in Mothercare when she was much younger and it fell underneath her and I forgot all about it till we got back to the car!!x
  • Feel slightly guilty and hope no one was looking!! I really wouldn't worry though, it's hardly the end of the world. I've never quite managed that but I did send oh and Millie to wait outside once while I paid completely forgetting that Millie was playing with one of the books I was buying, he realised when the alarm went off and brought it back!!!
  • I'd be secretly chuffed and feel like you do when the shop assistant gives you extra change at the tills!

    I'm not all bad though - when someone before me in the cash point queue left a tenner in there, I ran after them!

    I wouldnt worry about it either way...easily done, I havent yet though.
  • Kelsie did the same thing the other day, were in a shop and she must've seen a pink piglet rattle, when we got home we found it! God knows how we got out the shop without the security alarms going off because it still had the security tag on it :lol:!! I've seen someone drop their purse before and handed it back to them. But walking home from the pub one night found a tenner and kept it :lol:!!

    Its so easily done!! Don't worry about it!! xxx
  • I would feel quite chuffed with my self lol!!!as everyone says its easily done and many have!i havent yet,had some almosts though!
    Its not like you did it on purpose because i have known of someone who used her babies pram as a cover to steal lots of things which i think is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i would feel a bit guilty!But i wouldn't worry about it! its not like i'd do it on purpose! its so easily done though
  • looking back I can laugh about it espcially as the alarm went off for the people in front of us! (and again when they went back in) I did feel really guilty to begin with and my dh teased me called me a theif! Until.....I reminded him of the times a shop assistant has put baby clothes in our bag without scanning them and we havn't realised till checking the reciept.....
  • lol i'd smile & never worry about it, the way my pram is I can't put things on the hood without people seeing so i'll never get away with forgetting!
  • I wouldn't worry about it either, have done it many a time!!!! At our local summerfield there are no trolleys with the seat on for babies so have to take Ashton is his car seat and put him in the trolley - have walked out a number of times with things down the side / underneath it without knowing!
  • I feel much better about it this morning after reading all your posts - i'm glad i'm not the only one! I hope Louise enjoys the food now lol
  • A friend found a wallet once with lots of cash in it (I was with him at the time). He took the cash and looked at the bank card and posted it through the banks door. If I had seen it first I really dont think I could have taken the money but I couldn't persuade him not to.
    I lost my wallet once, had ??10 in it but was more upset that I had lots of little pics and other bits in it. Luckily it hd been handed in somewhere, whoever handed it in kept the ??10 - but I really didn't mind, was just pleased to get it back! Now I just keep the basics in my wallet and 1 pic of lo!
  • free food i'm sure it will taste even better lol

    did you no that pregnant woman dont get prosocuted (sp) if they are found stealing,its our hormones.......next time i'm using that as an excuse lol
  • I've had loads of nearly's but have always remembered in time...I have a friend who walked out with chocolate bars in her pushcahir hood & only realised when she got home, she'd paid for her mags etc!

    As my dad worked in retail I'm very concious of people who use prams to nick stuff...he once caught someone who had put frozen chickens under the blanket with the bb in their pram, never mind stealing, what about the poor frozen bb?!

    As others have said, I wouldn't feel guilty about such a little thing, I've had a shop assistant not scan one bb top in George & was really chuffed at getting it for 'free' image
    I would always hand a purse/wallet in & not take any cash out, I would also try to track them down myself as I wouldn't trust who I'd handed it into to not take any cash! It may seem like a little amount of cash but that might have been all the person has!

  • I'm a bad bad girl. I saw someone drop a fiver from there change at the till. I let them walk off and I picked it up. Now I feel guilty all over again, LoL
    Something else. (I learnt this from my mother believe it or not) If I am hungry or need a drink when doing my food shop I will grab a drink and a sandwich, eat them on my way round and put the wrappers on a shelf half way round so I don't have to pay for it. I don't feel guilty for this, I feel naughty and good and have a little laugh to myself. The supermarket can afford to loose out on a dry, over priced sandwich.

    I do this quite often. I leave the newspaper or mag in the bottom of the trolly by mistake and don't realise till I get to the car and unpack the trolly. I don't go back to pay for it tho. I have also given Freya something to play with and forgotten about it, walked out with out paying for it. If I realise intime and its expencive or still got tag on I will go back and pay for that.

    OMG, I'am going to have to go to confession this sunday. LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • I once went into our local ASDA to look at baby clothes but there wasnt anything I really needed so walked back out of the store and went to put my basket back and realised I had a baby boy's outfit hanging from the basket by the hanger. Oops. Didnt set the alarm off though and I did take it back into the shop and hung it back up (very red faced!). Perhaps if it had been a baby girls outfit i may have kept it!!

    If I found cash on the street, then I would keep it but I would always hand in a wallet or purse etc. Last year, my oh got pissed at his work Xmas do and lost his wallet (the wallet was two weeks old which I had bought for his birthday), all his cash, ??40 argos vouchers he had been given that day from work, his bank cards etc. God, I was sooo mad. I was 6 months pregnant at the time and the Argos vouchers would have come in very handy! Plus i was upset as it was a nice wallet and i had only just bought him it. No-one handed the wallet in though. Someone had a good Christmas courtesy of us last year! :roll:

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