Did your husband or did he not?

i heard stories about men going inside the labour suit and being traumatize from the birth experiense.
so far mine its fine althought my mother told me he was crying at one point wich he did no want to admit at first.
so was your with you all the way?



  • Mine has been with me with all 5 of ours........and my mum has been present for the 1st & 5th (in fact, my mum was 1st to get a cuddle at both those as I went into slight shock at those births and my dh wouldn't leave me so nanny got 1st cuddle!).
  • Yeah my OH was utterly tramatised! Only time i've ever seen him cry and he proper sobbed! He still doesn't like talking about it! He looked down the bussiness end and told me the baby was REALLY coming and I believe him so made the last final hugh effort.. otherwise I honestly think I would have given up.. I had been in labour 4 days but the and pushing for two hours! He is more scared about having another child than I am! :lol: x
  • He is fine about it. He was helping to keep my legs up so i could push and he stayed at the head end for the 3 hours i was pushing (didnt feel like 3 hours). He saw her being born and cut the cord. He was really good encouraging me to keep going and telling me how much hair she had!! I love that he is the first person she saw when she was born. I also love the fact that he was involved in the birth - i would hate it if he had just sat there. TBH he didnt get a choice as the midwife said 'right you grab that leg and i will grab this one!'. I had 2 midwives present but they still made him help.
  • My OH stayed with me the whole time. Whilst i was pregnant he said he wouldnt cut the cord or even look down that end when the head was coming because he is so squeamish but when the time came he did and cut the cord much to my surprise! He sobbed when lo was born and told me how proud of me he was, the moment was so lovely xx
  • My oh was there all the way through with Millie, don't think he exactly enjoyed the end bit as I ended up having to have ventouse and forceps and then Millie was taken to special care and I lost pints of blood!! Second time round he nearly missed it completely, he had to wait in the waiting room at the birth centre with Millie untill my parents arrived to collect her, he rushed back into the room 10 mins after we got there just in time to see Barney's head crowning!!! As far as I know he hasn't been traumatised by either of them, although I think he would have been very disapointed if he had missed Barney's arrival.
  • now that i remember i told my h to look if my bb was crowning and he could no even let go of my hand, he try to go once just for a min but i scream at his so hard that even the mw as me if it was ok to go out.

    i was in sooo much pain!!!!!

  • My other half was definately traumatised by LO's birth. He stayed with me through the 3 days of failed induction (although as this failed he was asked not to stay during the nights). Witnessed sweeps and internals and all the crappy fetal monitoring. When I was finally moved to delivery to have my waters broken on the evening of the 3rd day he stayed all night and all of the following day. It took 2 attempts to break my waters in delivers (I remember other halfs face when the hook came out). was also on the hormone drip to start my contractions. At first this was OK but then they had to turn it down as I was over stimulating. This is when OH started to panic. He doesnt like tosee me in pain bles him. During the morning of the 4th day I asked for Pethadine for pain relief as the gas and air didnt cut it any more - wish I hadnt as it just made me sick. The pain got tothe point where I was passing out for short periods with every contraction. this is where it started to get really scary. After a while I realised that I was passing out so asked for a c section as knew something was wrong. It was then that I wound out that I still hadnt dilated. Took ages to sign the consent corm due to passing out. As soon as the drip was taken out I started to come round. Other half was in theatre for the section and said that he could see the reflection of the surgery in the light. Scared the s**t out of him. Didnt help that the alarms on my monitors kept going off and no one knew why. Daddy got the first hold and the first feed but he was worrying about me too much.

    He was that traumatised that he refused tohave any more kids (this was his feelings for 3 months). Every so often now he has to talk about what happened as it still scares him. Dread tothink what he would have been like at a normal birth LOL.
  • Hi,
    I had a hospital birth with my first, yes hubby was there but.........he decided he was hungry and sat eating cheese and pickle sandwiches which really made me feel ill as to me they stank!!
    He still has two scars on his hand where I sunk my nails into his hand when I saw the needle they wanted to numb me with for stitching lol!!
    And yes he cried but Im not sure wether it was the pain in his hand or the joy of having a son!!
    I went on to have two home births and he was amaizing, after the intial panic he was the support I needed and has told me he wants another home birth with no'4(trying ttc in New Year) as its so special for him to be the one and only family member there.Ah bless!!
    Hes an absolute nightmare any other time but bring on the baby's and I cant live without him.
  • yeah mine was with me all the way through with all three of our kids x
  • yea that true its admirable to c how they try their bestto be there for us
  • I will never forget his face when he was at the 'wrong end' lol it was shock, excitment and disgust all in one.

    He was with me from start to finish, i had a very quick labour, he held my sick bowl! nice!!! and he cut the cord! i'm hoping to have a home birth this time so should be with me through out again!


  • most of you i read gor sick why is that i had gas but only made me gigle a bit. i did wonder if i was goin to be sick though
  • well i refused pain relief because because everytime i had gas/air i gagged, and they were quit funny with me and said- 'its not the gas and air thats making you sick darling, its the pain, so you may aswell have some pain relief' thought 'who you calling darling! so patronising when your in a vulnerable state and can't stick up for your self!


  • my hubby and my mum were there when I had Braedon, i really wasnt convinced that shaun would be any use at all and i was right haha...glad my mum there too!!! He sat across the room just sort of watching from afar, was scared of all the monitors etc. Was on drip and he nearly fainted when they put needle in my wrist. He also said nothing between contractions but insisted on asking stupid questions when at height of contraction...things like do u think the cat will be alright alone tonight? cue me swearing at him alot! However when was finally taken for c section, he was petty good, held my hand, reassured me and held Braedon n had lil cry bless! Hasnt really talked much about how he found the experience (he doesnt do feelings lol) x
  • My oh was brilliant. Normally he is the most annoying, impatient bloke ever (sorry baby) but he was fantastic...talked to me...reassured me & held my hand...even though he was shattered. Dont think he was traumatised though, he wouldn't tell me if he was (typical old fashioned english guy) x
  • My oh was amazing. He was with me the whole 22 hours. Never left my side once, not even for a ciggie or the loo. I was suprised when he looked at the buisness end to tell me she I crowning because he isn't really that keep on anything to do with the human body. He cryed when Freya was finally here but I think that was a mixture of tiredness and emotions as he couldn't get over having a girl as he has 2 boys from a previous.
    He didn't cut the cord tho, a bit too much for him LoL. I wished I had tho, I was offered.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • mine try to go for a cig and if i could have i would have cut his head off.
    "i on ly sceam at him"
    love him to bits, just did not want to hold no oneelses hands.

  • Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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