when can they have our food?

Im talking more along the lines of, when I do say a spag bol for me and hubby I use a jar then add to it and just wondering when Evan can start having it as I know they have salt and stuff in, so just wondering if anyone else gives things like this to their lo's. He is nearly 8 months



  • Yeah, I would say if you're using the jars they usually have salt in them and sometimes sugar aswell, so salt obviously is the main no no for babies under 1.

    If you make your own however, you can use herbs and tomatoes etc and give it to him, and if you need salt add it afterwards - I do this with everything I cook - I cook it all without stuff and take out Reiss' food before adding sauces etc. I use baby gravies or cheese sauces or whatever on his portion.

    Life with these littlies is just never simple is it?!xx
  • cheers ladies, Im not gona give it him just bloody mother keeps saying he will be fine so just reassurance so I can tell her to sod off lol
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