1st Birthday Party went really well!

Hi everyone just wantede to tell everybody that yesterday was Max's first birthday party!

We really don't have much money at the moment, so we had it at home, and invited grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. I baked a cake, and some cupcakes, made a few sandwiches and cut up some salad for food.
I asked for one of his presents to be cd of nursery rhymes so we had a singalong and everyone really enjoyed it.

So if you don't have much money either, don't worry! Frown It didn't cost more than ??20 (excluding a couple of presents!)

1 year olds don't need big expensive toys - Max spent half an hour playing with a box with a balloon in it!

xxxxxx Smile


  • Awww, glad you had a great day. Think i'll be going down the same sort of route, just have some family and close friends. Have until July to think though. xxx
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