Really frustrating- advice please

Hey girls.

My ds is 2 weeks old tomorrow. We are having some feeding problems... he doesn't keep any feeds down image Im really starting to worry as it seems to be getting worse, he only takes 2oz every 3 hours or so and is bringing the whole feed back up every time image sometimes its right away but sometimes it can be up to an hour later.

I'm getting so frustrated about it and im confused also as if he pukes right away he seems to be hungry again? but then feed him and it comes back up, i just don't know what to do!

The midwife weighed him on Wednesday and he hadn't gained any weight and i think the hv will be coming this week so im hoping he has gained but i don't see how he can.

He isn't screaming or anything like that so i don't think its Reflux?? My dd had Silent Reflux so was never sick but had all the pain that goes with it, i was hoping i would have a normal feeding baby this time ( :lol: ) as i went through hell with dd but i guess not :roll:

Any ideas what this could be? Hubby seems to think im too quick to wind him etc but i think that's ridiculous i could swing my dd around by her feet when she was a baby (joking obviously) and she would never be sick!!

Any advice would be great, thank you xx

ps: Can infacol make them sick?? Im not sure if its got worse since we started using this a few days ago!


  • I think infacol can sometimes slow the digestion of the food down so longer digestion can make baby fuller for longer.

    I presume you are bottle feeding so maybe he doesn't like the brand of formula or has a lactose problem.

    I think it could be the heat as well. My son had silent reflux and it wasn't too problematic but when its hot his body just doesn't want milk or anything rich.

    Wind can make baby vomit so its worth extra burping to be sure. Good luck and I hope it improves.
  • May be it is too rich for him. You could try one of the comfort/easy digest formulas. I had to swap my dd from sma to cow & gate comfort. At the time the gp did say the vomit can look a lot more than it actually is so she was probably not bringing up the entire feed. I wouldn't worry that he hasn't gained at 2 weeks as they lose some weight at first. As long as he's back
    to his birth weight then that's fine.
  • Hello. I think it could still be silent reflux. My lo has it extremely mildly. Sometimes he wriggles whilst taking a bottle, or cries until he burps. He doesn't really vomit unless he rolls onto his tummy of something. But sometimes, it's like he can taste something in his mouth.

    I give him infant gaviscon, you can get it on prescription, but we just buy it. You could either go to your GP and tell them what happens, hopefully they will try gaviscon. Or buy a box and if it helps, then get it on precription.

    If you think Infacol is the problem, which I believe according to the side effects is unlikely. You could try Dentinox drops, similar medication, works in the same way. HTH. xx
  • i was going to suggest perhaops he's got a cows milk intolerance, ds was exactly the same from day1, he would bring up whole feeds, every feed and could be anything from immediately to right up until the next bottle. does he seem to have lots of tummy ache too? hows his poo doing? we were palmed off until he was 17weeks with reflux/colic but the minute he was put on dairy free formula he was an absolute star and a completely different baby... if u think it could be reflux however try keeping him fairly upright after feeds and avoid laying him down flat straight after or wiggling him about too much too soon, maybe cut back on the winding and see if it makes any difference, one or two feeds should be enough to notice, not all babbies need winding and there is actually not that many countries that wind as a routine thing.....or u could also try a diff brand of ff, and perhaps try one like the aptimil or cow and gate 'comfort' milks which are designed for colicy/sicky babies, think sma do one called 'staydown'

    hth xx
  • Thanks girls.

    Well last night he brought up every single feed (changed his bed 3 times) so i took him to the Dr this morning. He was very nice and said as he is so content he doubts very much that its an intolerence or relfux etc so has advised me to water down his feeds (2oz milk 3oz water) to see if he can keep it down that way. We are going to try this for 3 days and he said to give him a ring to le thim know how he gets on and if not then we will look into other options.

    I really hope it works!

    Wow baby he has no tummy aches and he is pooing fine thats what makes me think its nothing too serious as he is so content xx
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