Advive! Pregnant on mat leave??

Hi girliiiies.

Has anyone ever fell pregnant whilst on mat leave??

Im due to go bk to work in Oct and have no idea what too do!

Do I...

a) go back and hide pregnancy from work?
b) Tell work before i go back?



  • hi i found out i was pregnant after i returned to work from my mat leave, id only been back two weeks!

    i would be honest with them and tell them, it shouldn't effect your mat pay x
  • Thank-you mrsaj

    Thats what I would like to do, but everyone keeps saying dont tell them image

    I dont like dishonesty and as I am already really bloated i dont think i'll be able to hide it for long.

    Anyone have any other experinces?
  • I was still on mat leave when i found i was pg so when i went bock i left it about 2 weeks then told them.
    I would say it also depends on your job. mine involved lifting and streching so for H&L reasons i had to tell them.
  • I found out I was pregant a couple of months before I was due back to be honest I didn;t tell them at my back to work meeting as I was only about 5 weeks at the time. Instead I waited untill about 3 weeks before I was actually due back at work. Didn't make any difference to start with but then work changed and I got made reduntant (although this was through choice on my behalf). I am sure you will be fine hun! xxx
  • im actually pregnant now and still on maternity leave which doesnt finish until 22nd november and this baby is due 5th november... they class maternity leave as continuous employment aslong as your earn over 90someting pounds (i think) between weeks 18-25 (i think lol) even still on maternity leave you should be entitled to another lot of maternity leave... im due to go back at the end of this month and no one knows im pregnant at work all i did was send a letter to head office that i was pregnant again and they confirmed i was allowed maternity leave so ill only be going back for 2 months (which i dont my manager will be happy about but oh well lol) hope that helps
    Nikki xx 28+5
  • Thank-you so much for the advice girlies :\)

    I went into work today and spoke to manager about hours!

    Ive requeasted 2days a week *fingers crossed*
    and told him I was pregnant image

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