Hi all you lovely mummies,

need a nice topic for a change.

What makes you happy?

For me it has to be Tamzins big gummy smile and her laugh. She is so happy all the time,it just rubs off on me.

Also a huge bar of galaxy and cookie dough ice cream work.

Kerry xxx


  • what a good topic, i love Evie's smile first thing on a morning when i take her out the cot, also shoes and handbags and lots of them lol xxxx
  • Im just happy having my lovely little family! Charlie's cheeky grin and i love watching my hubby playing with Charlie - he's a fab daddy! xx
  • that first smile in the morning is defo the best.

    she is now rolling around on the floor and trying so hard to crawl,sadly she aint getting very far lol

    kerry xxx
  • Zackys first smile of the day when we fish him out of his cot.

    The way Zacky smiles at his dad when he comes in from work.

    The way Zacky laughs at my moms dog when he sees him (LO thinks the dog smiles at him all the time so laughs).

    The Way Zacky says 'ahh boo boo' and laughs. (boo boo is his nickname).

    Happy feelings not lasting long at the moment though, feeling a bit low. But this has made me smile.
  • when ur los smile and giggle, and when my son gives my cuddles and tells me how great i am lol
  • awww bless, Evie's just started to try to roll on her side its so funny she gets really fustrated and kicks her legs lol xxx
  • happy is when you go in to their room and get the biggest smile when they have just woken up.

    happiness is also coming on here and talking to NICE, Well mannered OTHER MOTHERS and not getting some mental asylum idiot coming in craving attention....
  • OOOH good question(sorry gatecrashing lol!!)

    WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY????.....well it has to be at bedtime when each of my three kids gives me the biggest hugs and kisses you could ever imagine just before snuggling under their duvets.

    Oh and if I can have two things it will probably have to be when each of my kids were born, you know when your lying in bed just gazing at their little face and you just feel the overwhelming hit of love..the type that makes you want to burst and cry??? Yes definatly that makes me soooo very very happy.

  • I love it when Erin laughs, but especially when she doesn't know what she is laughing at like when someone says something funny and everyone laughs she laughs too just cos everyone is laughing if that makes sense xx
  • I love tamzins bum too,its so cute. just got another one, watching hubby feed her.
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