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Favourite toys at 8+ months?

We are going to get Isaac a few new toys, as he is totally bored of the ones he's had for ages! So bored of his jumperoo now. We would like a few toys that will last him a while, that he can grow into. He's crawling and cruising now. He's 8 months, so was wondering what was a hit with your lo's at this age or a bit more/favourite toys? He already has stacking cups and a 'treasure basket' which he is bored of too! :roll:


  • have you tried a walker? my lo loves his v-tech walker and is 8months too. The front of it comes off and it plays music.
    I also got a fp crawl and slide from the local NCT nearly new sale
    Check on nct website to see when your local sale is on cos its fab for toys
    hth x
  • evie loves anything she's not allowed!!

    we bought her the vtech walker from Mothercare, she loves it, it sings loads of silly songs and has this cute little pink phone which evie loves to hold and put to her ear, soooo cute!

    we also have this dog which has wheels and when you pat his bum he rolls off barking, evie loves that too!

  • Thanks ladies. The v-tech walker sounds great but I've ordered a wooden push along walker with blocks for Christmas so no room for both!

    Tbh I think Isaac is happiest with the remote control, my magazines, laptop and a cardboard box! :lol: Was hoping to find something that might keep his attention for more that 1 minute!

    Picked up an interactive cuddly dog that talks today by leapfrog 'my pal scout' which he seems to love, he grabbed it in the shop. It even says his name to him. Not sure how long he'll love it for!
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