He won't drink water, any tips to get him to have some.

Hi, Archie is just a milk monster and probably has about 36oz over the course of a day(8oz at 7am, 2x7oz during day, 6oz at tea time and 8oz at bedtime) I've just started weaning inn the last couple of days and he's getting the hang of it with a few spoonfulls with a lunchtime bottle. But I know he really should be drinking some water in between feeds and looking through my weaning books he should eventually have water/juice with his meal instead of his bottle of milk. Small problem..... he will have about 2 sips and stop. I've tried in a cup and he just spits it out. Don't really want to start offering water in his bottle as he'll never take a cup if he knows he can get water and milk form bottle. He's not dehydrated but I'm sure he wuold benefit from some water. Any ideas , ? S x


  • could you try a beaker? or make sure the water is as warm as his milk would usually be? or you could try adding some juice now really - just make sure it is diluted well. Tyler has had Heinz baby juice since 5 months xx
  • I've got one of the TT ones that you can use from 4 months. It just drips out and he doesn't need to suck Am I being daft but what's the difference between beaker and cup ? S x
  • sorry hun I thought you meant a cup cup!!

    Try one of these ones http://www.nuby.com/products/cups/9644.aspx

    Tyler is nearly 8 months and he has had these since about 5 months.

    They are fab. soft spouted and easy to drink from coz some of those cups really are tough to suck through!

    My local tescos is doing these 2 for ??4 at the moment!

    HTH xx xx
  • Yep, tried drinking from it and showing him what to do. And he's happy to put it in his mouth and when he gets a sip he's OK. It's just that he won't have more than one or two sips.
    I think Gracie Faye has same beaker as Archie, I think I noticed on a picture once.
    Might try a different one like the nuby one and see if it makes a diff. Also some baby water and see if it's actually the taste he doens't like. S x
  • I used to put a teaspoon of sugar free cordial in water to tempt Poppy into drinking it! She wouldn't drink water at all so it was the only way I could get her to drink something other than water. She drinks it fine now though!
  • Oh dear. Im glad its not just me that has this problem. Zacky wont have water at all and he is 8 months now. Have tried all of the suggestions above but its a good day if i get 2oz of anything other than milk down him a day. Guess its a case of just keep trying.
  • millie didnt use to she would spit it out but now shes started drinking it she wont take much just a few mouthfulls but i offer her it after every few spoonfuls she takes but she still does spit a bit out but def more is going down! i sometimes leave beaker on her highchair so she can pick it up when she wants it but shes teething and just bites the beaker then she will throw it on the floor so ive stopped doing that!! xx
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