Anyone wean their baby on Tofu?

Just wondering?

I don't eat red meat and as such hubby and I eat a lot of Quorn, I can't give bubba quorn but don't want to give her red meat either so wondered if anyone had substituted meat for tofu when weaning?


  • I have no idea sorry but im nosey (lol) .... why cant babys have quorn? xx
  • tbh, I don't know that they can't have Quorn but it's highly processed and doesn't really have an awful lot of calories or nutrients so i figured it might be best not to :\)
  • Oooooooh makes sense image x
  • I'm an omnivore and would never limit my child's food options, but as long as whatever you give them provides them with all the nutrients they need, then it's fine. However if the vegetarian diet can't provide all the nutrients, then I think it's harmful to withhold necessary dietary items due to a life style choice.
  • I'm veggie and am *dreading* cooking meat (and especially fish!) for Adam - I don't have a clue where to start! Luckily my mum is coming down next week so she is going to show me some really easy recipes and cook some batches up to freeze.

    I am planning on using lots of lentils!

  • I don't think I gave Abby red meat for ages - (meat wise) I started her on chicken, turkey, fish, and gave her eggs, broccoli, spinach (which are all packed with iron) and she did fine. She does have red meat now (spag bol is a definite fav!) but she generally prefers chicken.

    Cath - there are loads of really easy recipes where you don't really need to handle the meat/fish very much (fish pie for example - you just buy filleted fish, and put it in a pan of milk to poach - you don't even need to touch it. Or there is a lovely one in the AK puree book for a one pot chicken and apple thing which is really nice).


  • If it is the case (I have no personal knowledge of the breadth of nutrition of vegetarian food as I have not researched it) - then it sounds like a vegetarian diet should be fine. Just make sure you note what dietary requirements are missing and make up for them in other ways.
  • rather than processed foods, which tofu also is and there's worries about feeding babies soya, why not just give pulses which have all that meat does.
  • they soya issue is only for babies under 6 months, but hten u have to weigh the pros and cons, ie ds had soya ff from 17weeks as it was the only milk he could keep down, so better soya than nothing....

    back to the OP, lentils are supposed to be a fab source of protein and packed with nutrients...when ur lo is older too u can offer lots of dried fruits, also very high in iron, and lenty of leafy green veg. don't forget, also though if ur worried abour ur lo's iron intake to make sure there having a good intake of vit C too as it helps iron absorption.

    Cath, things like spag bol and cottage pie, u can buy the mince already minced, and u can also buy ready diced beef/lamb/chicken so u can make stews etc without having to touch it.

    hth xx
  • I don't really mind touching meat, I just have no idea how to cook it well. I'll probably overcook it (to ensure it's not still raw) and then it will go tough and dry...but I wont know because I wont be able to taste it!

    With fish, it's the bones which really worry me! Can you buy boneless fish?!

  • oh don't worry hun, there are loads of recipes that it is almost impossible to overcook - I'm sure your mum will give you loads of great ideas, but if not, ask on here and the ladies will have lots to share with you!

    Babies tend to eat flakey fish (like cod) which you poach in milk, and you know its cooked, because it goes into flakes, you'll also be able to see any bones really easily at that stage too, but if you get the fish from a fishmonger (I use the fishmonger at Morrisons!) then you shouldn't have a problem, as they are really good at getting them all out for you.

  • "they soya issue is only for babies under 6 months, but hten u have to weigh the pros and cons, ie ds had soya ff from 17weeks as it was the only milk he could keep down, so better soya than nothing...."

    Wowbaby do you know about the link to soya and infertility later in life for babies who have it? I'm stuck on a bit of a dairy problem for LO and was advised for and against soya by different professionals and now don't have a clue. LO is 8 months

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