Baby poo (you have been warned!!)

Hi ya I started weaning Max about a month ago, and his poo has become more and more solid, first like a paste, thick paste and now when I take off his nappy, a little poo will be sitting there, like a little sausage that has been known to roll about in the nappy!
Is this normal? Is he constipated or do all babies start having more solid poo when they start eating solid food?
I give him mainly veggies and some fruit and usually water with his meals.


  • hey hun, think its normal as shannon has been the same, on the odd occasion i have noticed her being constipated though and had to take her nappy off to try help her. you would probs be able to tell if max was.
    caz x x
  • Well sometimes he really strains and goes purple! Then starts crying. Poor baby :cry:
  • yeah he is probs constipated then, think it depend on certain foods that i give shannon when she is like that so it maybe that max is the same. she will just cry and strain. most of the time she is fine but on the odd ocassion she has been quite bad, nothing much you can do for them though when there like that.
    Caz x x
  • FYI, if you think LO is constipated then cut out bananas as they can make LO's constipated, alot of people don't realise as it is a ffruit & fruit is supposed to help you go but not bananas! My friends LO had this prob & she had a banana everyday so had to cut them out.
    Also, just try & get more fluids in, if not in drinks add it to their dinner - I did this when I thought my LO wasn't having enough water, I added water to his jarred food so it went more like a soup.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Is there anything else can do to help? I started weaning Joshua a few weeks ago, he just has one small meal at lunchtime (a small ice-cube of veg mixed with rice and milk) and I've also changed him to hungry baby milk. He refuses to drink water. This morning he was straining so hard he was sick and it came out of his nose as well, he got himself in such a state.
    I do love this weaning stage tho, love watching him eating!
  • evie's poo's are very "grown up" since we started weaning her. sometimes she gets a bit constipated and i just lie her on her changing mat with a nappy underneath her and hold her legs up and it seems to make it a lot easier for her to "go". i know it sounds gross and you get to see everything happening but it helps when i hold her legs. xx
  • I've just done a baby massage course and there is one massage you could do to help the poo along so to speak. It's also good for baby's trapped wind.
    Basically do a large circle going around their bellybutton with the pads of your fingertips (starting on baby's right hand side) - always do it CLOCKWISE!! This follows the natural course of our intestines & bowel. Going anti-clockwise will bung them up!
    Also if you do it during their bath time when they are in warm water that helps too.
    I do it to my lo sometimes and a couple of times afterwards she has done a big poo. She isn't weaned yet though so her poos are mainly still "pasty" in texture.
    This massage doesn't stop your baby being constipated but it can help them if they already are.
  • Is it clockwise to you, or clockwise to LO?
  • I've had this prob too. Lots of the 'first foods' can apparently bung them up (white baby rice, bananas, apple, potato). Organix do a brown baby rice so I switched to that. I also started mixing the troublesome foods with easily digestible foods. Good foods are orange vegetables (carrot, sweet potato) and 'p' fruits (pears, peaches, prunes). My LO took to pureed prunes really well and boy, does that get things moving!!!
  • Oh yea of course! I could try prunes. LO was really straining for ages today going purple worried he's going to rupture something. After straining for ages only a tiny pellet in his nappy I felt so sorry for him :cry:

    I tried rubbing his belly clockwise, like it says above, but it really made him giggle! Must have been tickling him xxx
  • Hi Debbie my lo is 16 weeks old and has been constipated for a long time. My peadeatrician said to give her 10 oz of cooled boiled water extra to her formulla a day. She would barely take an 1oz so now i put 10z fresh pure orange juice to 30z cooled boiled water and give it her warm this can work instantly or it keeps her bowels open daily i do this in between each feed so say 2 hours after afeed she loves it and goes mad when bottle is fineshed. now i canget 9 to 12 oz extra water in no problem.
  • Kara is constipated too for the past few week and she also pushes and nearly goes purple as well. When she goes it is a hard ball. I feel so sorry for her. I am going to try and cut out yoghurts for the next few days and see if it helps. The HV has told me to overdose on fruit, veg and soup as well. I do give her a spoonful of orange juice but I think I will try what you do Westbrom just to help her. I hope it works for her.
  • My lo was straining so hard during his breakfast that allthe porridge he had eaten came back up! It's no good! He is like this sometimes but he has about 3 dirty nappies a day and maybe one of them will be like this and then the others fine - can you be constipated for just a couple of hours a day???

    We have been weaning for 3 weeks but even before that sometimes with just breast milk in his system he would strain like this but the poo would be soft and fine so maybe he just goes to the loo like this??? But he doesn't always as sometimes he has a dirty nappy without me having seen him go.

    Have I made any sense???

    I will definitely be trying some of the suggestions.
  • Poo update!!

    Max hadn't had a dirty nappy since yesterday morning (except a pellet or 2) so I gave him some mushed up prune with his lunch today. Then after his afternoon nap - YAY!!! I've never been so pleased to change a dirty nappy :lol:

    Don't know if it was the prune or just a coincidence, but at least things are moving! image
  • Ha Ha if someone had of told me five months ago i would be having so many conversations about pooh i would never of beleived it it is such a releif when you see that dirty nappy i will never moan about changing them again!! We are having our own acheivements today daisy had three poohs today for the first time ever. Im ecstatic how sad is that!!!!
  • I gave Kara soup and fruit all day today as well and I had 2 proper dirty nappies. Hopefully things are improving for me too. I also gave her some Orange juice. Hopefully it isn't a coincidence for me either.
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