P&T Vibe vs Sport

Sorry for yet another post on Phil &Teds - just wondered those of you who have experience of both the Sport and the Vibe if you think the price difference is worth it and if so why. I've seen the folding mechanism of the Vibe and was impressed with how little it folded - smaller than my single buggy, almost - how does the Sport compare?

As far as I can see the Sport will do the job just as well as the Vibe in all other ways, would you agree?

Thanks ladies :\)


  • I've got the vibe and I love it! We went for the vibe as the double kit is slightly bigger (longer), as my son is tall, and in the sport his head hit the hood, but with the vibe the hood is adjustable! Although bubba is due for another 6 weeks, have been using the vibe for a couple of months, I wish I'd bought it with my son 18 months ago!! Got a fantastic deal at http://www.babybirds.co.uk/shop/phil-teds-vibe-c-43_320_725.html
    Good luck
    Ali x
  • I've wondered this too - does anyone know how the Vibe is off-road? I don't go off-road that much, but my current buggy is so rubbish at it that I'm determined my next one will be better! The Sport is sold as the off-road model, but I prefer the look of the Vibe and wondered how it'd be?
  • Thanks for the advice, really useful to know things like the doubles kit is bigger etc etc. Any more comments welcome too.
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