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me and hubby have decided on rohan for a boy...but are arguing over how to spell it...

i like ROHAN he likes ROWAN.... they mean different things to depending on the spelling..

rohan means hapiness and healing

rowan means little red one..comes from rowan berry..

how would u all spell it? i like rohan coz its different.. i dont do normal lol wanted a different name and i think its different anyway but if ever we did meet another rowan i think it wud be spelt with a W as thats the normal way to spell it...



  • Hey,
    Well I think the Rohan with a 'h' has a more meaningful meaning-if that makes sense!
    Also with a 'w' makes me think of the Mr Bean actor (is he Rowan Atkinson?) -not a bad thing but like you say that shows most Row/han's are spelt with a 'w'.Anyway lovely name whichever way you spelt it babe! x
  • I think it depends on how you want it to be pronounced.

    rowan - ro-an phonetically
    rohan - ro-h-an (or not phonetically rowan?) - two ways of saying it.

    does that make sense? lol

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  • i think if it had the H i would be tempted to pronounce it. ie ro- HAN. obviously you could correct anybody that did that. I do think it has a nice meaning, either spelling is nice!
  • I like Rohan, pronouced Ro - han, it sounds like something from Lord of the Rings xox
  • I like Rohan, It's different and will be unusual-however it can be annoying to keep explaining the spelling of names.
    My baby is Lillith, which is very very unusual and people spell it Lilleth and pronounce it wrong-however I love the fact she has a different name. I'm sure it will be Lilli or Lilly eventually but for now we are getting people used to her full name!
  • Both are nice, but if it's Rohan pronounced Rowan prepare for a life of correcting people. If that doesn't bother you then go with which one you think is nicer, Rohan is definitly more unusual and a beautiful name x
  • Honest opinion?

    I dislike Rowan but love Rohan, but like the others has said with a emphasis on the H makes the name sound different, and as you have put the meaning Rohan is much nicer.

    The way i figure is that your the one that actully has to give birth so your choice lol

    Good luck persuading him

  • see i like rohan but i dont think i would prenounce the H and i would get sick of correctin people. rob says its different enough without having to spell it different too. i mean i dont know of any rowans apart from mr bean,,,, hmm i dunno....
  • If you want another option why not go with ROAN as in the old word for mountain ash. This is how a friend of mine spelt her daughters name (she kept telling me off because I kept spelling it Rowan). The daughter is now around 14 years old. I do like Rohan though... reminds me of lord of the rings.
  • Hi

    i realise you are not getting much help here as we all say diff things - but just to add all the Rowans i know have been girls - Rohan is definitely a more masculine name

    good luck x
  • I would say Rohan is better but like the others say pronounced Ro-han. Otherwise you'd be correcting spelling all the time...?
  • I prefer Rohan. Rowan reminds me of Mr Bean too :lol:

  • i like the H as i said on msn, purely as it looks irish lol. somehow lol
  • i like the H as i said on msn, purely as it looks irish lol. somehow lol
  • i like the H as i said on msn, purely as it looks irish lol. somehow lol
  • Rohan sounds nice. I always ask the parents how they want me to pronounce their child's name when they start in my class - wouldn't like to offend anyone! Just make it clear how you want it pronoucning. Good luck deciding!
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