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Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing from due in Sept! Need to get my act together and get a bath for bubs and was just wondering if anyone could recommend one?

A work pal has suggested the Tummy Tubs but to be honest, i am not sure! looks like you are bathing bubs in a bucket!!

Any advice would be most welcome!!!

Choccy x x


  • TBH I wouldnt bother with a baby bath, such a wasted of money and space!

    We used one of these;

    It folds down so easy too store too x
  • I agree with myprincess baby baths are a waste of money, I bought one from mothercare along with top and tail bowl and never used it cause lo didn't like it

    I used a bath seat in the main bath from the off, until lo sat up himself then just took that away and he went straight into normal bath

    those tubs are supposed to mimic how they sit in the womb but I think they look bloody uncomfortable!!
  • I was given a Comfi Bath, which i used from the start until lo was about a year, or even a little longer. I really liked it. Its a funny thing - Its like a shallow-ish bowl, but with sides, so it sits on top of the edges of the bath. It means that you don't have to bend over and your back never hurts when bathing lo. I woudl really recommend it, but like the others say, it does take up space. I think it was about a tenner.

    I didn't go for one of those tubs. I couldn't understand how you would be able to comfortably wash lo's bits!
  • I would use a bath support too, those bowls are supposed to help calm a baby because its like being in the womb again all constricted but think Id rather use a bath support then give cuddles and swaddle for comfort x
  • I have a friend that used the Tummy tubs and highly reccommends it.
    Also another friend that always got in bath with baby and used it as bonding time until they were able to sit on their own.

    We had a baby bath and a bath support. We used it for ages until baby was to big. Personally as a 1st time mum I didn't like to use the big bath in bathroom, even if Id only used baby bath for a few weeks i would have felt more confident handling baby in little bath than in big bath.

    We used top and tail bowl lots too.

    Just goes to sho everyone is different and some use things more than others eh? S x
  • Crashing from PG but wanted to say when I was a nanny the LO I looked after had this wierd thing that was like a flannel stretched over a frame. You lie them on it so their head is at the top and their body slopes into the water so you don't have to hold their head out of the water and both your hands are freed up to clean them etc. It looks much better than the moulded ones, they look like the water needs to be really deep just for them to get wet and don't look the most comfy to lie on. I have never used a baby bath so don't know if it's worth getting one. A friend of mine had a c/s and bought a baby bath that propped on the top of the bath so she didn't need to bend over the side of the bath and put pressure on her scar which she swore by.

    This is the flannel thingy which I thought was really good, inexpensive and didn't take up a lot of room, these things all seem to be expensive and last for such a short amount of time I will probably just get one of these. Hope that helps.
  • Hey firstly I had that fabric bath support that Miss Impatient recommends. It was really good but we ended up having to chuck it because it got mouldy as it was always getting wet but not having chance to dry properly, If I had another I would make sure I washed it and dried it more often!

    Then I bought a deluxe baby bath support thing which was rubbish as it was quite small anyway and you have to run a full bath so it wasted too much water.

    At the minute we just lay Riley in the bath with a flannel under is head and he's happy with that and he likes laying down as he can splash about but I might but one of those sponges to lay him on. x
  • Those baths that are like buckets are meant to be really good for colic. Cally had terrible colic and going in her normal baby bath (we had borrowed a changing unit with a bath on top) soothed it a bit cos the warm water helps. The midwife suggested the bucket bath as having their knees drawn up in the warm water is doubly soothing but she told us not to buy a proper one for ??20 but just to buy a normal bucket and use that. To be honest we never did so I don't know how you would clean all baby's bits. We had a moulded sponge when Cally went in the big bath which left both my hands free and she loved it. Now she has one of those seat things, but again that is borrowed. It is amazing how much you can end up spending on things that last such a short time.

    we have these 2 from mamas and papas. grace is now 14 months old and we still use them.

    the support is great for getting her hair washed as she lays back

  • Meant to say when the LO got a little bit bigger and could sit up he had one of these which was great and meant he could have a bath with his older brother and sister...

    You used to be able to get them everywhere but I think there were a lot of accidents with people thinking they could leave the baby in there unsupervised so they are harder to find and more expensive now.
  • we got this one from mamas and papas
    and i think that it is one of the best things we have bought. The picture isnt very clear and its bigger than it looks in the picture (i can fit my bum into the 'toddler end' LOL curiosity got the better of me)..but at one side it has a 'slant' the lay baby on with a little nobbly bit that you put babys legs at either side...then when ciara is bigger she will sit at the opposite side which doesnt have a slanted back support but the 'nobble' will still make sure she doesnt slip down...its quite big so hopefully it will last a while..i totally love it and use it every night..worth every penny in my opinion! I do like the individual bath supports but i didnt want to have to fill the whole bath..(even though it would only be shallow)..
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