freezing pureed food in ice cube trays.....

.....just wondering - do you sterilise the trays first? or put them through the dishwasher? My lo is 4 months so we are still sterilising everything and am thinking about pureeing and freezing carrot and apple.



  • No need to steralise - just wash them really well in hot soapy water.
  • No need. Also no need to sterilise cups, bowls or spoons - only bottles / breast pump. Was told this at the weaning group I went to. Apparently this applies even if you wean before 6 months! I weaned Gabe at 4 months and he's been fine...
  • Since your lo is on the floor and able reach things and put things in their mouth you dont need to sterilse (according to annabel karmel.
    Hot water soapy water (need gloves) or the dishwaher. I do the latter!
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