fao Mum to 1


I just wanted to say i live about 30mins from Darlington and shop there quite often if you ever fancy meeting up for a coffee or something, My daughters 10weeks xxxx


  • Ohhhhh hello! Would love to meet for a brew. Just looking at a adventure place in Darlington which has a special baby room and if they're under 6 months they go free. Was planning a visit next week with another friend so you're more than welcome to come along.
    Sorry for not replying earlier oh is moaning I spend tooooo long on here! He's right too sadly!
    Email me and when I've sorted things I can give you times and dates etc!
    Forgot to say Alf's 6 months old! x
  • That sounds like fun Email me when you have it sorted, ooo something to look forward to xxxx
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