Hi Mums and Babies,

Evie is usually a very good baby and very content, well today she has been crying, crying and more crying. I've changed her, fed her etc and she's still crying she only seems to stop when she is picked up and even then it takes ten mins for her to settle, she hasnt really slept much today do you think this is why she is so upset or am i missing something i should be doing?

Alex & Evie xxx


  • She could be overtired hun, have you tried taking her for a walk either in pram outside or baby carrier in the house? Either one of those calms my lo right down and sends him to sleep. Chances are once she's had some sleep she'll feel better. How old is she? Could it be colic x
  • My lo gets like that when she's overtired - I think taking her for a walk is a great idea.
  • shes nearly 5weeks, what are the symtomps of colic?
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