Whats your favorite time of the day?

I love 9am - 1pm.

This is because at 9am Nathan has a nap which gives me time to do housework, Wii Fit and BE. Normally get about an hour. Then when he's up he has a snack which keeps him happy, allows me to clean kitchen and puts him in a great mood. Then we can play quite happily or go out with him in a good mood. At 1pm he has lunch which again allows me to potter while I feed him. After lunch he has a nap which gives me more "me" time.

I find that the rest of te day is hit and miss with his mood, and I get tired so 9 - 1 is def the best for me!



  • I love 5:30 - 6:30 pm cos thats when Ryans daddy comes home from work and Ryan has daddy time, i love watching them together playing and joining in with them too.

    I love it 5-7, my oh comes in from work or gets up depending on his shift (days/night) we feed Erin and Joe, have play time with them, then bath time, then when they both in bed we have us time!
  • 5.30-7 cos this is Peppa Pig time, we watch peppa, play on the floor (which we do pretty much all day actually) daddy gets home from work and has a play too. then we get cameron bathed together and put him to bed!

    oh and 10pm....when i climb into bed and fall fast asleep!! xx
  • I much prefer mornings, so 7.30-1pm, same as you donna!! evie is in such good a mood in the morning, and then goes down for a nap around 11.3o for at least an hour and a half which allows me to get myself washed and dressed, eat and do housework!!
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