Not eating when lo ill

Evan has been off his food last couple of days so think he might have a bug or something, so if he refuses food do I just leave him or do I try other things to see if he will eat it??

He is 6 and half months so is it ok for him to just have his milk still for a few days?


  • Omg Gabe is exactly the same!! He is 7.5 months. His weight gain has slowed dramatically as it is (only 12oz in 6 weeks) and he is looking very skinny as he is so long so I do worry. For the past few days he has refused all spoon feeds and is just eating finger foods but of course does not eat a great deal. The only thing he eats a lot of is rusk and I can't give him that all the time....could Evan be teething? Gabe's 1st tooth came through on monday and his 2nd today but he is still awful and has only had about 15oz today and a nibble on a roast parsnip, half a finger of toast and half a rusk....calpol is helping...but other than that no advice!! I am sure as long as he is taking some milk he will get vitamins that way but it is a bit worrying xx
  • Well he hasnt got any signs at the mo, but maybe he is, its so worrying as he is usually a porker with his food, i havnt given him any finger foods, do you think I should just so he is having something???
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