icandy peach - 4 month old already looks big for it!


I have an icandy peach and really love it...but everytime I put my 4 month old son in it I can't help but think it just won't be big enough when he's older. He's not a small baby...85th percentile for weight and about 99th for height and outgrew the carrycot really quickly. Now he's in the stroller but seems to almost fill it already. The seat doesn't seem deep enough for a bigger child to sit in comfortably?

Anyway...was just wondering if anyone uses the peach for older children and how they are finding it or have a big baby too. It was expensive and really want it to last him till he no longer needs it but am wondering whether I'd have been better off going for the Apple.



  • its very new so maybe a lot of people wont have used it for a toddler yet. i have the cherry and moved my 91 centile baby into the stroller, with a new born insert, at 4 months. i also wonder about the apple. in fact the cherry hood is so pointless i amwondering whether to sell mine and get the apple.
  • Hey ladies,

    I have the Icandy Apple Special Edition) lo is 10.5mnths now and on 91st centile for weight but just 50th for height.

    I only moved her at 6 mnths from carrycot to stroller seat as she was getting fed up laying down. I think she still looks small in the stroller seat even with the footmuff in. Have got the straps as tight as they go and they are still loose around her.

    Definately seems to have a bigger seat unit than the peach and cherry ones.
  • I have the iCandy Apple and LOVE it!! DD is 10.5 months, is on the 98th centile for length (75th for weight) and there's plenty of room. I have absolutely no plans to buy a stroller I love it that much image
    She went into the pushchair part at 17 weeks having outgrown the carrycot but even if she continues on the same centile for length; I'll still be able to get plenty of use out if it.
    I'm afraid I can't comment on the Peach as they're fairly new.
  • We have got the Peach and I emailed some feedback to iCandy today saying the same thing. Did you know you can remove the insert to make it bigger? My LO grew out of the carrycot at 16 weeks, I was gutted after spending so much on it.
    I have to say though despite it being on the small side I LOVE it and have very few complaints.
  • My LO is over 8 months (above 91st centile) and he still fits in the Peach without any problem. It has always felt very cosy, even when we first moved him over from the carrycot but I'm not worried about him outgrowing it just yet xx
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