If you were an animal.....

...what would you be?

I would definitely be a cat because I love the warmth, I liked to be stroked (by oh lol), and I am very lazy (like my cat) :lol:


  • i would be an elephant as im big and slow but people always seem to like me! LOL
  • Ideally I would be a big grumpy pussycat and I would sleep all day. More likely, I would be mangey old wreck with an owner that wished they had bought a dog!
  • a horse, coz i eat like one,lol. xx
  • ok asked my hubby what animal he thinks i'm like and he said "a grumpy one...a goat". Thanks love! I reckon i would be a jack russell - am small but very noisy and when i start yapping i can't stop! i have a small person must shout louder to be heard complex!
  • Id be a tortoise... so I could hibernate all winter xxx
  • a great white shark........chances of being eaten by another animal nil lol
  • I would become a female grizzerly bear.
    Reasons -
    1 - you eat what you want, when you want to get fat
    2 - you sleep 6 months a year
    3 - you choose your partner then they go when you want them too
    4 - you kids leave home at a sensible age, if not they become your next meal
    5 - you are expected to be hairy and fat.
    6 - you are expected to be grumpy
    7 - you choose where to live and sleep with out having to worry about a morgage or rent.

    If I can't come back as that, please don't bring me back as a man!! LoL

    X X X
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