Hi all,
I've been very slowly weaning Aoife and have started her on homemade purees once a day introducing new things every few days. This week I tried her on carrots, mixed with sweet potato at first as she loves that! Anyway yesterday she had just carrot which she liked a lot but today she's been rather constipated. I gave her just sweet potato for lunch and this afternoon she cleared her self out. I wouldn't have thought carrots would cause constipation so wondered whether anyone else had any problems with them? Not sure what else it could be as nothing else has changed!

Any thoughts welcome.



  • Gosh - Aoife poos everyday normally so I def be worried if she didn't go for 3 days LOL.

    I've tried her on water in a sippy cup but she's not too keen, I guess she just has to get used to it. I'll keep trying image
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