• I really really want one but there's none in stock either near me or near my parents. Boo hiss....
  • Hi,

    Gemm in born in feb has just posted that mothercare will price match this and they have 15% off - and free delivery! Bargain!!

  • yes, and coz mothercare hsve 15% off just now, you get that off as well. I ordered mine wed, phoned them on thur about price match and they said they would refund, it arrived today as did the refund email.

    Actually only cost ??54 with free delivery.

    Bargain of the year as they are selling second hand on ebay for that

    happy bouncing

    Gemm x
  • Gemm I love you for that, except I didnt get the extra 15% off -- I asked but they said no, Ah well, still a bargain as can always sell on if LO hates it and we wont lose much!!!
  • g/c but thanks so much for this - bubs isnt even here yet but I knew I wanted one of these- and now I have at a bargain price!! x
  • BUT I dont think they're gonna refund the price plus the 15% from what the woman said on the phone- could be wrong but still not complaining!! x
  • Warders, thanks for that, have just ordered one from Mothercare and you do get the 10% off with that code as well as the 15% off so it cost me ??67.49 which is the same as Argos - thanks so much for that, i can't wait for it to arrive! xx
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