How Many Bottles?

Hi girls and babies,

Joshua will be 1 in 2 weeks and Im a little confused at how many oz of milk he should be having and wether all his milk should now be given in a beaker?

He usually has 6/7 oz from bottle before breakfast and then 6/7oz before bed. This morning I thought I would try his milk in his beaker but he hardly drank any of it maybe 2/3 oz so I used the rest for his porridge. Is 12oz enough milk and is 2 bottles a day ok or should I swap to a beaker? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Vicky and Joshua xxx


  • Not sure how much milk- can't remember - but both my boys had a bottle to have their supper milk in till they were 2yr old. They loved their bottles and if it meant they still had the milk (as opposed to not wanting it in a beaker), then I was happy with that.
  • hiya hun, millie is 1 in 3 weeks and she has 7oz on a morning and 7oz b4 bed, hv told me this is fine but that i do need to try and get her on a beaker and not the ones that dont spill coz the baby still has to suck on them and it isnt getting them away from the bottle thing, easyer said then done i say x

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