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Baby Eczema, can you recommend any creams that work?

My little girl is 5.5 months and since birth had terrible cradle cap. All advise I would always get was use olive oil, and struggled with this for weeks. Then she started to get dry skin on the side of her face and was told again to use olive oil. It became so bad on her face that I went to the doctors and we got antibiotics, that didn't work. To cut the story short, we had 2 lots of antibiotics, and now I'm on my 6th cream. The body is much but her face just doesn't clear up. I using Aveeno cream from the doctor and if this doesn't work we have to move her onto a soy milk diet. I just don't think its the milk, I just don't think we hae found the right cream, a friend told me that doctors prescribe the cheapest creams first, I've told my doctor I'll pay for a cream if I have too!! :\( So has anyone had a cream that worked for their baby?


  • Hi. My daughter is 7 1/2 months and like yours had really bad cradle cap and dry skin. Same thing happened with face and also chest. My doctor referred us to a specialist after trying Doublebase cream that didn't work and Hydrocortisone steriod cream. Specialist gave her Canesten HC cream that cleared it up and now it flares up every so often but just use the cream for 1 or 2 days and it's gone again. The cream is a steroid cream and you do have to use it thinly and not all the time can it can affect skin in other ways but he said that as long as not using it all the time it would be fine.
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