had a fab time

hi ladies had a fab time at my massage, was really lovely and feel very relaxed now, would really recomend it. Just as i was leaving the lady mentioned that at the moment all clarins beauty treatmnts are half price (massages, facials ect) if you book and pay for it. She didn't say how long the offer is on for, but i booked myslef a facial (i know i'm meant to be saving money) and it cost me ??27 instaed of ??50 something, so if your looking for a treat for yourself i'd book something, i know the offers on in debenhams but not sure about elsewhere.
Dh looked after pippa while i went and sounds like they had loads of fun walking around leeds, i told dh she'd need her bum doing whilst i was in debenhams, and when i came out we sat down to feed her. Dh fed her then picked her up to find she'd wee'd all down his leg. I asked if he'd changed her and he said he's forgot, sometimes i love it when i can say told you so :lol:
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